Friday, October 16, 2009

Pinata for All Saints party..

Today I was walking through our cheap 'Dollar and Sense' shop and came across some pinatas...I had actually thought of making one a few days ago but let it go when I realised that I had no time for such a big craft project. Then I saw this dragon...and immediately I thought of St George and the dragon.
So I went internet searching for St George images and found this one, I trimmed it down and printed it up on cardboard, then I flipped it with the mirror tool in paintshop and printed it again on cardboard. I carefully cut out both images so that they could go back to back.

Then I stuck the two front legs and the head of St George's horse on either side of the dragon and stuck the halo, cape, horse's tail and back legs together....and it was done.

The children are just SO excited and cannot wait to enjoy this on All Saints day!!


  1. Anne, you are so clever! What a great pinata and adding St. George just makes it more special!

  2. My boys think you are the cleverest Anne - they just love this. You are a genius. Sigh..I have given up on All Saints Costumes this year - Abby may step in. But I just want to get my act together for Advent.

  3. Wow ! what an awesome pinata Anne ! I love that picture too . I think the boys would really like the story of ST. George for all saints day . We needed some inspiration around here with all the sickies leaving us in the slumps . Thank You

  4. My boys were standing here as I pulled up this post and LOVED the pinata!! They want to come to your All Saints Party! lol!

    What a great find and I just love how you attached St. George!

  5. Thank you for all of the ideas. I have been looking for ways to make All Saints Day more special than Halloween. The games will really help!

  6. I could have left a comment on every one of your All Saint's Day posts.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!


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