Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Chaplet of St Anne

Today I wanted to talk about the chaplet of St Anne, otherwise known as 'St Anne's Rosary'. It is a beautiful way to petition the mother of Mary in all our needs, particularly on Tuesdays. The chaplet dates back to 1875 and it is not known who designed it. It consists of the following:

It is broken into three parts, the first part in honour of Our Lord, the second part in honour of Our Lady and the third, in honour of St Anne. Each part consists of an Our Father and five Hail Mary's. After each Hail Mary you add, "Jesus, Mary and St Anne, please grant the favour I ask" I often like to be a bit more personal, stating exactly what intention I am petitioning for.

Below is a chaplet I made yesterday, you will see the three parts of the chaplet, at the beginning of the chaplet is a medal of St Anne, this one I bought is a bronze vintage reproduction, just so delicate and exquisite!
If you would like to try and make a chaplet yourself or as a project with your children go to Alice Cantrell's Gardens of Grace, where she has generously shared her talents and knowledge on pdf in the making of a St Anne chaplet, this is where I learnt, even though mine is not exactly like the one she has done.

I have used Rose Swarovski Crystals 10mm for the Our Father's, by each Our Father is two 4mm Vintage Rose Swarovski Biscone Crystals to give greater highlight to the deep pink crystal. Each Hail Mary consists of the beautiful Ruby Crazy Lace Agate gemstone 6mm, these are just so feminine and sweet.

I have started up with a few friends a lovely Catholic homeschooling get together which just so happens to fall on a....Tuesday every fortnight (as it suits one lady in particular, so quite coincidental) It is where we have an hour doing activities with the children, splitting up into two groups, one going through My Path to Heaven and the younger group doing the Catholic Mosaic. This goes on for an hour, after which we have dinner and then unstructure play for the children.

The mothers then spend time talking together but since we are all gathered on the Tuesday and St Anne being the perfect patroness for mothers, we then recite the St Anne chaplet together. When we come to the part where we say, "Jesus, Mary and St Anne..." we add "please grant us happy and holy families" Here is our St Anne altar today, I bought a lovely crocheted doily from a garage sale for 50c and the children picked matching Hibiscus, so it looks very beautiful.

I also wanted to add a beautiful prayer I found today, oh, so lovely!

If you read it through, would you add my friends, Chemai and Donna-Marie to your intention? Donna-Marie has been blessed to be expecting baby number 8 but has in the last few pregnancies, suffered greatly with an unknown condition that affects her throat which is quite distressing, she is most in need of prayers to give her strength and healing.

Chemai has been through so much bringing her lastest blessing into the world last year but unfortuantely her trials have not finished as yet and is in much need of prayer.


Saint Anne, here I am again. You may be tired of listeningto my prayer so often repeated. But, you are the Saint in whom I have so much trust! You are a grandmother extruding your love! You were given us by Jesus to console us as we groan in pain. St Anne, have pity on me, relieve me of my misery, bring me some consolation. May I get well again. Oh! please, take pity on me, your child.

I would never have believed sickness could affect me so mercilessly. I would never have imagined I would suffer so much and for so long. I always relied on good health to do so many useful things. And now I feel miserable in my sickness and I am disheartened. You remain, beloved Saint Anne, my one hope. I know how close you are to Jesus, your Grandson.
Will I every have recourse to you without being helped?

In spite of my sufferings which exhaust me day and night, I want to intercede on behalf of all sick people. My prayer must be charitable. There are so many people who moan on their hospital bed, or locked up in their home as in a prison. Who will listen to them as they whimper, who will take a lenient view of their infirmities and wounds, who will smile to them, who will pacify them, if not you, dearest Saint Anne? Give a helping hand, come to their rescue.

Saint Anne, to make my illness profitable, I present my discomfort to Jesus suffering on the cross. I unite my distress to the distress of Mary your daughter, standing at the foot of the cross. I offer my torment and my affliction to my Lord as I look at you, Saint Anne, my heavenly grandmother. Promptly come to my assistance and give new life to all suffering people.
Heal me if this is God's will, give me peace and lasting joy.

HT: St Anne Chaplet


Cindy said...

Another wonderful post Anne. Thank you so much for blessing us with this devotion to St. Anne.

I also received my St. Anne package today - I can't tell you how joyous I was when I opened the package. Thank you again.

I purchased a beautiful St. Anne Chaplet from Beads of Mercy. I love praying it.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

How lovely Cindy to have a 'special chaplet' the way I know Kimberley makes her beads over at Beads of Mercy!

Micki said...

Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your statue of Anne and Mary is. Simply looking at it makes you want to pray/talk to her. Very informative.

We just saw the play "Tuesday with Morrie (sp?)" I think I prefer Tuesdays with St. Anne. :-)