Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our St Anne Prayer Intention Project

It just happened that this week would be one of many photos as we started our very special prayer intention to St Anne that will go on for a long time, we wanted to make our offerings very tangible for the children.

We are praying for my sister that she may have a baby, it is an intention very, very dear to our hearts. We wanted everyone to nominate their offering and formulate the prayers we would be offering each day.

I had the children draw all of this - there were lovely images of St Anne, my sister, pictures of things they would be going without and they wrote them down as well. The letters (including my own and my mother's) were all placed in yellow envelopes and addressed and drawn on.

We had a spare basket to place our envelopes of petition and wrapped it nicely in yellow cellophane tied with lemon ribbons.

Part of our communal prayer offering is the recitation each day of St Anne's beautiful litany so we decided to write each of the 17 titles of St Anne from that litany onto discs, they were to be stuck over the front of the basket. I bought some great little roses stickers, each disc would be stuck to the cellophane with a rose.

Here is the finished project. We are all ready to go. I found a lovely photo of my sister holding my oldest baby - this special family endevour will always be fresh in our minds (the way our Miraculous Medal project is) reminding us of our individual offerings and prayers for each day.
Dear St Anne, please pray for Carmen.


Purpleflowerpatch said...

Anne, I shall add your sister to my prayers for expectant and hopefully expectant mothers each Monday and Saturday as I pray through the Joyful Mysteries!

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

We'll be praying for your sister as well Anne.

We're just about to say Evening Prayer. Carmen will be remembered.