Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A wonderful St Anne story

Last week in my Tuesday with St Anne posting, I asked for any stories to share of devotion to St Anne and a lovely friend sent me an incredible story that touched my heart, I am sure it will touch yours as well:

"As you may recall, I had two successive miscarriages. I longed for another child desperately, but after the second miscarriage, my husband and I experienced a difficult period of infertility. Throughout this time, I turned to St. Anne, asking her daily to intercede on our behalf for the gift of another child. Unbeknowst to anyone, I prayed to St. Anne daily even though months continued to pass and pregnancy tests were always negative.

One day in July I had gone to confession to a dear and holy priest. After I had confessed my sins he told me, "I feel the need to tell you something....St. Anne has heard your prayer"

I was stunned, to say the least. This priest had no inkling of my desire for another child, or of my daily petition to St. Anne! Even he seemed a little unsure of whether or not to say it, because it seemed so...well, out-of-place! He further asked me to pray a simple novena to St. Anne as penance. And all of this in July...just prior to her feast.

That reassurance that she had heard my prayers carried me throught the next few months. In my heart I knew that the Lord would eventually bless us with another child. In October, we were thrilled to find out that we were expecting. I am currently 32 weeks along, due in June with a little girl. She will certainly bear the name of her generous and heavenly intercessor...St. Anne! "


Gardenia said...

what a beautifully powerful story of devotion and intercession. thank you for sharing.

Maria Therese said...

Wow, what a beautiful story! As you may already know, my husband and I met on a Catholic Singles website. We married almost three years ago on June 16th, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We have been trying to conceive for almost three years now.

Back when I was single I prayed the rosary asking Jesus and the Blessed Mother to bless me with a good Catholic husband. During that time I also asked for my future husband and I to please be blessed with children.

During these almost three years I have been praying the rosary, divine mercy chaplet, and many many novenas asking to be blessed with children. We haven't had any success in being able to get pregnant. Two years ago I found out why. After surgery to remove bilateral ovarian cysts, I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four. I've had two surgeries so far.

I will be forty four in August. For the past several months I've had some symptons of peri-menopause and have felt very sad (almost to the point of being depressed) about not being able to have children. I have been a teacher at a daycare for twenty two years and LOVE children. I've always wanted children - as many as God would send me!!

The medical doctors have often told me my chances of being able to conceive are pretty low. But I know God can do the impossible! He is a God of miracles!

This beautiful story you have shared today has given me much hope and encouragement! I am going to start praying to St. Anne every day and ask her to please pray and intercede for me too!

Did you know that my hubby Ed and I traveled to the gorgeous St. Anne shrine in Canada for our honeymoon? Also my Mom and Sister's middle name is Ann. I am named after the Blessed Mother and St. Therese.

Ann, thank you so much for sharing this story! Reading this story has brightened my day! I am going to began a special devotion to this wonderful Saint starting today!

P.S. I am going to pray for your sister and all those hoping and praying to be blessed with children too!! St. Ann has always been special to me - I LOVE her too!! Next time I start feeling sad and weepy about having no children, I will come back here and read this lovely story again!!


Maria Therese said...

P.S. Also, if we are blessed with a child (either naturally or through adoption) and the child is a girl, I will name her after St. Ann! I just printed out this beautiful story and the novena to continue to give me hope and encouragement!

I am hoping and praying that even though I am almost forty four and have endometriosis, that God, the Blessed Mother, and St. Ann can help me too!!

Oh, I also wanted to let you know that I bought some herbals and I am now drinking herbal tea!!

Thank you so much again!! I look forward to seeing more posts about St. Ann and hope more people will want to share more stories about her!

Maria :)

Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story, Anne!

Kimberlee said...

Indeed, that is a beautiful story! Good St. Anne, pray for us!

Marilyn said...

Anne - this makes me all tearful. Thanks for sharing.

Gardenia said...

Aussie Annie, I was just visiting your other blog (it was on Donna Marie's sidebar on her blog) and left you a comment. then I saw the blog was authored by aussieannie, and realized I'd find you here. I'll have to review your archives here, to see if you picked up the liturgical year postings here that you were doing on your other blog. I was so pleased to find such a comprehensive blog with the feast days celebrated.

Anonymous said...

I love this story...
I think that St. Anne has been nurturing me through this and my last pregnancy. The terrible symptoms that I usually experience are significantly lower so far...I certainly will keep praying to her. I am hoping that dh will agree to name our little girl after her...we shall see...