Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Titles of St Anne

St Anne has many titles, in honour of the countless times she has powerfully interceded for the particular intentions her ‘earthly grandchildren’ have laid trustingly at her feet. The Good St Anne book dedicates a few pages to some of these titles:

“In the glorious Middle Ages, St Anne was fondly called:

Comfortress of the Sorrowing – Mother of the Poor – Health of the Sick – Patroness of the Childless – Help of the Pregnant – Model of Married Women and Mothers – Protectress of Widows – Patroness of Laborers.”

When I look at those particular titles I see that she is such a faithful grandmother to families – families that experience loss and grief, who struggle with financial hardships, who deal with sickness and ill health. To those dear ladies who yearn to start a family or wish for it to grow, for mother’s who struggle in their pregnancies with all sorts of difficult and sometimes life threatening complaints. For daughters, mothers, wives, grandmothers who wish to grow in holiness and grace, in living out their mission in life to their fullest and in every season of their womanhood. For those who have tasted the bitter cup of loosing their spouse and for all the hardships that come from that loss and for fathers and husbands who provide food, shelter & comfort from the sweat of their brow or the use of their talents. No matter who your family is, there is always a need to call upon such a patroness – and we find ourselves calling upon St Anne as did her devotees hundreds of years ago, who faced the same struggles, as they are universal and constant, since we live in a world of trial and tribulations.

St Anne can relate to all our needs as we journey through life, as we open new chapters, experience new joys, new hopes and dreams, new sorrows. And holy grandmothers are special people. They are mothers, who never stop loving and praying for their children. Their family extends, like a rose bush in a second flush of roses, with the arrival of grandchildren - she too becomes a mother all over again, but in a new and beautiful way. Grandmothers impart wisdom and unconditional love and most importantly they PRAY – when I think of Padre Pio and his promise of standing by the heavenly gates until the last of his spiritual children have arrived safely in heaven, well I can’t help but to think of many grandmothers throughout time who have done the same. Just the thought of it give me a teary moment...You could search through the wide span of mankind, from beginning to end and you will not find a more perfect grandmother as St Anne, just imagine how deep and wide that heart is!

Here are some of those titles elaborated upon in the Good St Anne book:

“Comfortress of the Sorrowing.

St Anne was spared neither trials nor bitterness. God tested her severely, especially by ordaining that she would have to wait so long for Mary, her child of predilection. For years, hidden sorrow was her daily bread.

Mother of the Poor

St Anne’s love for the poor is evident from the praise bestowed upon her by St. John Damascene, who relates that she and St. Joachim distributed one third of their possessions to the poor. St Anne still continues her charity in Heaven by assisting the poor, often in a wonderful manner. Nor does St Anne forget the dying, the poorest of the poor. These, above all others, experience her motherly protection.

Patroness of Laborers.

Among the various classes of laborers, many regard St Anne as their special protectress. But it is very significant that Christian sculptors venerate her as their model. They have chosen as their emblem the image of St Anne teaching the child Mary, with these words inscribed beneath: “Thus she wrought the Tabernacle of God.” For every Christian sculptor, the Tabernacle, the dwelling of God, is in a certain sense the masterpiece of his art.


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Hello There,
I just found your blog and I have to say it's absolutely wonderful. Our Lady of Guadalupe is my special patroness, and I'm happy to see that someone else is as interested in saints and other things like I am. Is it alright if I add a link to your site?

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I am glad you are enjoying StarryMantle, you a most welcome to link!

Alice Gunther said...

Thank you so very much for the information on devotion to St. Anne. I love St. Anne, and, as I know I told you, used to go to St. Anne de Beaupre shrine in Canada every year with my parents. This is very beautiful.

Jo said...

I never knew this! What an inspiring story and delightful blog. Very beautiful.

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Praying for your intentions Anne!