Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St Anne's Chaplet, the perfect chaplet for mothers

I wanted to re-visit St Anne's chaplet again...I truly believe it is a most special chaplet out of so many that the Church advocates. Recently I purchased My Treasury of Chaplets a lovely thick book featuring so many beautiful chaplets, it gives a brief history of each chaplet and a photo, and of course, the explanation of how it is said with it's accompanying prayers.

What struck me was just how many chaplets involve prayers that you really need to have a copy of on hand, unless you have an outstanding memory you are most likely not to have learnt it off by heart. Some are very long as well. They had a page dedicated to St Anne's chaplet, but very brief and simple..

It occured to me today as I was explaining to a dear friend how to say the chaplet, just what a perfect chaplet is was for mothers! It consists of 3 sets of 1 Our Father and 5 Hail Mary's. After each Hail Mary, you recite, "Jesus, Mary and St Anne, grant me my request" It is simple, the little prayer in between the Hail Mary's is so easy to remember. I see it like a mini rosary. The chaplet looks like a mini rosary and is so easy to carry around the house and into the handbag as you set out in the car.

I timed the reciting of St Anne's chaplet today in the car as I drove to an appointment, exactly 3 and half minutes. How suitable then for busy mothers! I find I can fit it in, all different times of the day, if I am out in the car, it is always with me. I can fit one in even if I'm only travelling down the street to do some shopping as it is only that 3mins or so, long.

When I am making long car trips, I am able to fit in many recitations. As we travelled down to Sydney (12 hour trip) for WYD, I was so worried about my health and so many other little things I found that I had recited 50 or more, all varying intentions. Many were dedicated to my delicate health... I really felt as though I was clinging to St Anne, it gave me peace, I trusted in her intercessory power.

When we finally arrived and had a flurry of hours in the city, not arriving back at our relative's home until close to midnight (just remembering that I was up in the early hours of the morning that day and had left home at 5.30am) when my head hit the pillow, my heart started pounding and pounding, I felt a terrible body weakness decend upon me....you could say, "Well what about all those chaplets to St Anne?" Or maybe not, maybe you would just say, "Anne's just plain crazy!!" You are right there, but don't you see? St Anne knows I'm crazy too! I feel that she allowed me that weakness to know my limitations quickly, despite my enthusiasms, despite my ability to push my will no matter what..just letting me know, don't push too far.

If I had not experienced that weakness, I am sure I would have said, "Yes, I'm ready for the Papal Mass!" But from all my friends who did attend, they all talk of the hours of walking to arrive at the grounds and then all the walking back again...hours of it, streets were cordoned off for kms away and then there was all the public transport to face after that long walk, squishy crowds on trains etc. They said it was draining, debilitating, even for the fit and healthy. If I had tried for it, I'd hate to think what would have happened...

So I resigned myself that even though we finally made it to the city where the Holy Father was present, we would not be able to see him...unless it was God's will, somehow..

The next day (Monday) we headed into the city as I had read on the internet the night before the Holy Father was travelling by Popemobile from St Mary's Cathedral House to the Domain (a 2 min drive) we offered our St Anne chaplet together as a family, "Jesus, Mary and St Anne, please keep us well and let us see the Pope!" was our prayer in between the Hail Mary's - to read the wonderful outcome of that morning, read this posting where I share the story in depth.

St Anne had it all worked out, we DID see the Holy Father and we saw him and he saw us in a way that would not have been possible at any other venue we may have attempted to attend...St Anne had it all worked out the best way possible, you see, she knows me! (~smile~)

St Anne's chaplet is perfect for my prayers for myself, for my family, for my friends, for all those I wish to pray for...simply perfect.

Here are some of my common intentions:

"Jesus, Mary and St Anne, please heal........"

"Jesus, Mary and St Anne, grant......for......."

"Jesus, Mary and St Anne, grant me good health"

"Jesus, Mary and St Anne, grant the needs of all those I entrust to you."

"Jesus, Mary and St Anne, grant......a baby."

"Jesus, Mary and St Anne, grant me the spritual and temporal needs of my husband and children"

"Jesus, Mary and St Anne, please grant me a special spiritual grace."

Each chaplet is dedicated to something special...

I have found this chaplet powerful, incredibly powerful, St Anne comes to my aid, she listens to my prayers, unworthy though I am.

For anyone who has considered buying a St Anne chaplet, but has yet to, I urge you to consider again, for this truly is such a beautiful and simple prayer for mothers.

St Anne Chaplets from the USA

Or another great place to purchase a St Anne chaplet is on ebay, there is a great range, some are very beautiful, reasonably priced as well.


Christine M said...

A lovely story about the power of the St. Anne chaplet - and what beautiful rosaries you made for your daughters. Lovely!

Cindy said...

Oh, how eloquently put. I do love saying the St. Anne chaplet not only for my newfound devotion, but because it is easy to remember and say. I have begun to say the St. Michael's chaplet as well, and I do find it distracting to have to read off my paper in order to pray.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Anne, you have me hooked. You are right, these are small minutes of our day, but POWERFUL minutes!!Thank you for teaching us about the St Anne Chaplet, and encouraging us to pray it.

Neuropoet said...

Anne, I love my "Treasury of Chaplets Book" - but you're right about so many of them requiring the reading of the prayers if you can't remember them. I lost my St. Anne chaplet in a move a couple of months back, but I'm going to make a serious stab at finding it. Life is so "up-in-the-air" for us right now, I could really use the help of a Saint's prayers...