Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesdays with St Anne

Firstly, just a reminder that the novena to St Anne for her feast day is about to begin soon. I will blog each day putting up the novena prayer as I have a novena that has a different prayer to say each day.

Please watch for these postings as I will be giving away three St Anne chaplets that I have made using beautiful vintage reproduction medals of solid bronze, combined with gemstones. To enter in the draw, once the novena starts, you just leave a comment or email me.

I'll put up photos of the chaplets on day one of the novena which is not far away now!

St Anne de Beaupre

Prayer to Saint Anne

O Good Saint Anne, mother of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, I recommend to you all my intentions, all my needs, together with the intentions and the needs of all God's children on earth.

Grant me - grant us all - in the measure in which God's loving designs will allow, the material blessings of this life. But always keep me - keep us all - mindful that the spiritual blessings of life are so much more important.

Bring me - with all my loved ones and with all my fellowmen - closer to Jesus. Help us all carry in our lives His Gospel message of love and of peace.

May all men, who have been saved by Christ's redeeming Blood, be soon reunited in His love and joy. Amen

With ecclesiastical approval.


Julia said...

I'm excited! Do you start it the 17th or 18th?

Maria Therese said...

Could you PLEASE pray for me asking the Blessed Mother and St. Anne to please pray and intercede for me? It seems I've been praying for so long for a baby (Two years since my wedding day on 6/16/07. The truth though is that even before I was married and praying for a good husband, I was praying to be blessed with children after marriage.). I have prayed novenas to St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Rita, Mary Undoer of Knots, St. Therese, ect. but still I'm not pregnant. Is God hearing my prayers? Why aren't they being answered?

I have been told by quite a few people that I need an increase in faith that my prayers will be answered and trust in God. It's so hard to obtain more faith though when every month the answer seems to be no or not yet.

Do you think I should still pray for a baby? I'm going to be 43 August 2nd.

Is there any way I could order a rosary and St. Anne chaplet from you? How much would they cost?

I thought waiting and praying the rosary for a husband for most of my thirties was difficult, but I now think this ache in my heart and the empty arms are much more difficult!

I wonder if St. Anne can really help me? I know this is her month. Maybe I could pray the novena along with you? I will pray for your sister as well.

Thinking of you and praying for you and your lovely family! You are so blessed to be a Mom!


Gae said...

Dear Anne,
I love your St Anne posts.
Yes what day do we start. I need to be organised. I am going to be praying we sell our house by her Feast day. Please God.
Could you add this to your intentions?
How is your health?

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Starting the novena on the 17th, so it finishes the day before for the feast (also gives an extra day in case one gets missed!)

Praying for you Maria Therese, this is such a hard road for you at present, nothing is impossible for God, praying that you will be blessed with a baby, praying for God's Holy Will!