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Celebrating the life of St Anne ~ Week 6

I hope many ladies can join with me every Tuesday in celebrating the life and cult of St Anne throughout the history of the Church leading up to her feastday on the 26th of July. This is a nine week posting of a beautiful article published in the Catholic newspaper called, Catholic ~ The Voice of Catholic Orthodoxy the article itself is is an exerpt from a book by Rev Fr Myles V Ronan CC, MRIA 1927.

Edit 2011: I have since discovered that the wonderful newspaper that this St Anne article has come from, is put out by the Transalpine Redemptorists on the island of Papa Stronsay in Scotland. I now have their blog linked at the top of my lefthand sidebar, you can order this newspaper/magazine from their site.

Today is week three, here are the previous three postings:

Week 5

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I ask just one special favour, if you could offer an Ave in honour of St Anne for my sister Carmen who would dearly love to be blessed with a child after nine years of infertility, many grateful thanks.

And so we continue on from last week.....


Months past and then one evening, as he was engaged in carting grain by moonlight, he saw a shower of stars fall on the space betwen the Bocenno field and his home. Several times he was carried, during that night, without knowing how, from his house to the place of the ancient chapel, and whilst the light illumined the whole place as far as the village, he heard in ecstasies that lasted several hours, such beautiful chanting that he thought himself among the angelic choirs in Paradise.

The most important revelation to Nicolazic was that on Monday 3rd March, 1625, St Anne appearing as usual, said to him that the period of delay was not at an end. Nicolazic must go at once to his Rector, tell him on her behalf that she wished for a chapel at the place already indicated and of which she intended to take possession. "As to the rest, " she added, "there will be convincing proofs of the mission I confide to you. "

The next day he went resolutely to the presbytery, taking with him Jean Lezulit, church warden of the parish. Again the parish priest upbraided him. Again Nicolazic returned to his home, disappointed and sad.

On Thursday evening St Anne again appeared to him and told him it was he himself who must undertake the building of the chapel. To this Nicolazic respectfully replied: "Perform some miracle, my Good Mistress, which will make the Rector and others see that you want them to build there." "Go," she said, "trust in God and in me; you will soon see abundance there, and the wealth of the world which will come to honour me there, will be the greatest miracle of all." Nicolazic then thought of selling all he posessed in order to build the chapel.

The next morning, Guillesmette, his wife, found on awaking, on a table in the room, 12 quarter-crowns laid in three piles. She knew that she herself had not a quarter in the house, ran to her husband's room to show him the silver pieces. Nicolazic knew that St Anne had begun the work. He called his friend Lezulit, tied the coins in a handkerchief, and both started off for the presbytery.

The Rector was away, but the Curate, Dom Thominec, received them and upbraided them for their silly stories. Nicolazic wept bitterly, not knowing how to reply to St Anne. Arriving at the village, Lezulit begged him not to forget to call him so that he might assist at the finding of the statue. Nicolazic promised to do so.

That night, about 11 o'clock, as Nicolazic was saying his Rosary, his room became illumined, as on other occasions, and on the table appeared a torch that burned brightly. The Saint appeared to him, and looking sweetly upon him said: "Yves Nicolazic, call your neighbours as you have been advised; bring them to the place that this torch will point out to you; you will find the statue that will put you right before everybody, and will prove the truth of what I have promised you."

St Anne then disappeared, but the light remained. Nicolazic, full of joy, was about to go outside, when the torch went before him. He was going towards the Bocenno field when he remembered he had to call witnesses. He came back, called his brother-in-law, Louis le Roux and bade him bring a spade with him. Both then went to call their neighbours, Jacques Lucas, Francois le Bloennex, Jean Tanguy and Julien Lezulit. All hurried to the call, whilst the torch still shone brightly. Two of the peasants saw the light, and the other two did not. (It transpired later that the latter two were not in the state of grace.)

The torch led them on to the Bocenno field and then stopped at the place of the ancient chapel. The torch ascended and descended three times, and then disappeared into the ground. Nicolazic at once hurried to the spot and put down his foot, telling his brother-in-law to dig there. Jean le Roux had no sooner taken up five or six spadefuls than he felt the spade strike a piece of wood underneath. As they were now in darkness, Nicolazic bade one of the peasants go for a light, "a blessed candle," he said, "and a torch." This was done, and they began again to dig, and were not long in taking up the old statue, much disfigured, which had lain there for over 900 years.

Having gazed at it religiously for a few moments, they placed it against a little bank and then retired to rest. Nicolazic arose early and accompanied by Lezulit, came to the Bocenno field to inspect the statue. They found it much damaged about its extremities by the damp earth, but nevertheless, still preserving its features and some of its colours.

To be continued next week...

Last week's question was: What was the name of the Capuchin priest in Auray that Nicolazic spoke to? The answer: Fr Modest

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