Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Growing devotion to St Anne

Molly over at Heaven not Harvard has shared her own devotion to St Anne as well as her beautiful statues and images of her! (I love them Molly!)

It is always such a beautiful thing to see another mother develop a new or deeper devotion to the mother of Our Lady ~ St Anne, who is our most merciful grandmother. That they too, come to discover her mercy, her powerful and loving intercession.

I love to keep focusing on the attribute of mercy. On this earth she dwelt in the house of mercy this has to be significant in the way that Our Lord, the Bread of Life was born in Bethlehem, meaning 'House of Bread.' That connection I believe, is our pointer, our guide to the heart of Good St Anne. The Church is full of examples throughout the ages ~ that heaven drops it's clues to those who are open to see. Of course, good and loving nana's, grandmothers, grandma's throughout the world, knowingly or unknowingly, follow her example, for they are always merciful, in a special way.

I see that relationship between my own mother and my precious children. They will often go to my mother to ask if she can soften my heart on a particular decision I've made, she is their nana of mercy! She is not the disciplinarian, she doesn't need to keep that order the way a parent does on a day to day basis where you try to balance justice with mercy. She is just that figure of mercy. I also remember my own nana to be just like that too! (My father's mother, the only nana I knew.)

When I look at images of St Anne, I really do think her countenance is like my own mother. (you can click here, my mother's photo is in this posting, what do you think?) For me, that is helpful, for I appreciate comparisons, visual aids, emotional helps and stimulus etc.

I wanted to finish today, with a beautiful prayer to St Anne that Molly has shared on her own blog:

Prayer before a Picture or Statue of Saint Anne

Dearest St. Anne,
it is you I wish to honour
in your statues and images.
They are the tangible representations
of the mysteries of divine love
that were accomplished in you.
The sight of your holding the infant Virgin Mary
brings to my mind a clearer understanding
of your role in Christ's Redemption of mankind.

You are the woman whom God the Father
called to prepare a Mother for His Only Begotten Son.
This little Virgin in your arm
will soon grow to be the mother of the Son of God.
Because you are her Mother,
you share in her privileges.

The amazing mystery of the Immaculate Conception
was accomplished within your body.
When time came, you gave birth to Mary.
Then, you prepared her for the dazzling role
of Mother of God which was to be hers.

Saint Anne,
the reason for your holiness
is your closeness to God.
You are the privileged one
who has been chosen to be the mother of the Mother of God.

Dearest Saint Anne,
pray for me and for all my fellowmen.
have speical prayers and blessings
for the sick and afflicted,
for the hungry and needy.

Obtain for all men the priceless gift
of mutual love in God and for peace.



Marie said...

I have just started to have a personal devotion to Saint Anne myself. So far all I've done is sew a medal of her into my scapular and start displaying a holy card on the mantle. I need to look into getting a book as well. Thank you for this post!

Michael Austin said...

I have a devotion to St. Anne of about 10 years. I make the beads of st. Anne and advertise in the spring, offering them free of charge to anyone who wishes a pair. If youwant any please write to: Michael Austin, 198 Tremont Street #161, Boston, MA 02116.

Marie, you might start by checking the internet for articles on St. Anne. There are some quite good ones available and it would be an inexpensive way to research her. Very shrines are also listed on the internet which would be another lead. Good luck! Michael Austin