Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Simple feast...ing in honor of St Thomas

I had been thinking of some simple sweet for St Thomas’ feast day and an idea (a simple one) dawned on me! Jam donuts!

The ones sold in bakeries around here are long, cut down the middle, filled with cream with jam on top.

It made me think of the wound in Our Lord’s side, the same wound that Thomas placed his hand into.

The jam donut, (to me) looks like the lance wound, thin and long. Deep inside is the cream (water) with a thinner strip of jam at the top (blood).

When the lance pierced Our Lord’s side, out came a little blood (the last remaining drops) followed by a gush of water behind it.

We talked about our nice looking sweet and what it reminded them of.

“The cream is purity and the jam is blood!” said one.

“It is the blood that gushed to the ground!” called out my little 4 year old.

There were other similar answers, all with a bit of truth but not quite the complete picture.

Once explained, there were big “AHHHs and OHHHs”

They could now see it.....they could now eat it and enjoy and we certainly did!

Happy Feast Day!


ls said...

Annie, I was looking for a good treat for today's feast and now I have one! Thanks for the idea and the imagery.

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

I've never seen donuts like those before. I wonder if there are any Australian bakeries near me?

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Well it is one sweet you don't have to hunt to hard for either, hey Lynn? There in nearly every bakery!

Um, sadly Helen I think you might be a good 20hours or so away...