Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seven Gemstone St Anne Chaplets to Giveaway

St Anne's feast day is not far away now, 26th of July. The novena starts on the 17th and will finish on the 25th, the eve of the feast day. Then on the feast day itself, I will start a thanksgiving novena for graces received.

Also I wanted to give away 5 St Anne packs. Each pack contains a St Anne Chaplet made of gemstones and a beautiful solid bronze, vintage reproduction medal of St Anne de Auray. Each chaplet is valued at approx. $40 - $55 and is heirloom quality with no plated parts. Also I have included a copy of the Good St Anne booklet and holy oil from the St Anne's greatest shrine in the world, St Anne de Beaupre. There is a cover letter and everything is contained in a drawstring bag.

If you would like to enter this draw Email me or leave a comment in this comment box or any time during the novena period leading up to the feast of St Anne, leave a link to your own blog or email address if you are leaving a comment. The draw will take place on St Anne's feast day.

I will draw five names out of a hat and the first lady chosen will have first choice of the packs in that fashion until all the packs are gone.

"Sancte Anne's Beautiful Field of Grace" Chaplet - Won by Becky Y

{You can click on any of the photos here for a larger image}

I made one of the chaplets as a 'first prize' chaplet ~ 'Sancte Anne's Beautiful Field of Grace', though whoever wins first prize can choose the chaplet of their own choice.

The 'Sancte Anne's Beautiful Field of Grace' chaplet contains three extra medals plus a rosary center. I used the St Anne de Beaupre medal for the main chaplet medal and then at each Pater bead I've added other vintage reproduction medals. A Sacred Heart medal for the section dedicated to Our Lord. A miraculous medal at the beginning of the section dedicated to Our Lady. And a St Anne de Auray medal at the section dedicated to St Anne. You can see all of this in the photo above.

"Sancte Anne's Beautiful Field of Grace" Chaplet

The most famous shrine to St Anne in the world is the shrine at de Beaupre in Canada. de Beaupre means 'beautiful field.'

Indeed, St Anne's beautiful field is most bountiful, full of beautiful heavenly flowers of grace as her name suggests. (Anne means 'Grace') The Pater Beads represent those 'heavenly flowers of grace'. On a site dedicated to St Anne deBeaupre they describe the local autumn as this:

"Canada is famous for the rich tapestry of colours in the Autumn and the first small frost brings about changes of such magnificence it takes the breath away - golds, reds, browns, rusts and evergreens. "

It is these autumn colours that are captured in the chaplet.

Beautiful, vintage reproduction medals..and the rose Pater beads..

"Merciful, Healing Pool of Bethseda" Chaplet - Won by Mary Van Erd

This chaplet is made up of Rainforest Jaspers in both the large, cross shaped Pater beads and the Ave beads. Czech fire-polished nature mix of 4mm beads are scattered throughout.
St Anne's home was beside the Pool of Bethseda in Jerusalem. Bethseda means "House of Mercy" which is very telling. Our Lord was born in Bethlehem which means the "House of Bread" and so we can be sure that St Anne and her Immaculate Daughter born there, are merciful mothers..

"Merciful, Healing Pool of Bethseda" Chaplet

Life and vitality sprang forth from the Pool of Bethseda, not only from the angelic stirring of the waters, Our Lord's healing of the paralytic and also that it was the legendary spot from where the Tree of Life had rested deep in the pool for a millennia or more ~ one day to became the wood of the Cross of Christ but ALSO that the shoot from the Tree of Jesse issued forth from this hallowed and sacred ground in the person of Mary the Mother of God, as this was the home of St Anne and the birthplace of Our Lady. The colours of the chaplet reflect that new life, that new hope.

The medal is the vintage reproduction medal of St Anne de Auray. Isn't this a beautiful gemstone and don't you think the pattern on the Pater beads look like lichen on a mossy rock by a quiet pool?

"Yves' Spring of Healing" Chaplet - Won by Gloria from Smoothing Stones

This St Anne chaplet also has eye catching gemstones. The Pater bead is a 12mm Green Agate Cross bead. The Ave beads are a natural Emperor gemstone in 6mm. I have used Pacific Opal and Crystal AB Satin swarovski crystal biscones 4mm to compliment the Pater beads.

"Yves' Spring of Healing" Chaplet

Yves' was the poor Breton farmer whom St Anne de Auray appeared to and showed him where an ancient statue bearing her image was hidden in his field. The bubbling spring in his field was transformed into waters of healing, both of mind and body from that day forward.

The colours in this chaplet reflect the stunning image above, the light sandstone of the brick, the turquoise of the door, the green grass, all from this ancient building dedicated to St Anne de Auray in Breton, France. The colours also reflect the freshness and hue of a bubbling, life-giving spring and it's sandy bottom...

A close up shot, lovely greens, blues and turquoise colours!


"Gate to the House of Mercy" Chaplet - Won by Jen L

This St Anne Chaplet has more subtle and subdued colours. It contains 12mm Green Jade Cross gemstones for the Pater Beads. The Ave beads are a Banded Agate gemstone 6mm. In between the beads I have used Czech Glass Druk 4mm beads in Jet Vitrail colours.

"Gate to the House of Mercy" Chaplet

Sixty meters inside the Lion's Gate, on your right, is a wooden doorway leading to a hidden garden enclave where you'll find the beautiful Church of St. Anne and pool of Bethesda.

Through the Lion's Gate is another smaller, wooden doorway to a hidden garden..to St Anne's home. Hiddeness, humility, subtlety, subdued. All adjectives to describe the home of St Anne and the Child Mary and this chaplet. The colours and the symmetry of the markings in the chaplet reflect the beautiful image above of The Lion's Gate and beyond.

This is a good close up of the vintage reproduction medal of St Anne de Auray, you can see all the flowers surrounding St Anne and the Child Mary as well as very small fleur de lys in the background.


"Sancta Ana Antrum Antiquum" Chaplet - Won by Nancy of Be Not Afraid

Lastly a smaller and soft pink chaplet to St Anne. I have used 12mm Unakite Cross gemstones for the Pater Beads. The Ave beads are a 6mm Pink Quartz gemstone. The Pater beads are complimented by lovely pink swarovski crystal biscones 4mm. Very delicate and feminine.

"Sancta Ana Antrum Antiquum" Chaplet

Here is an image of the subterranean gallery known as the 'Antrum Antiquum' at the Cathedral of Apt where St Anne's body was discovered by Charlemagne.

The colours of this chaplet reflect the hues and tones in St Anne's crypt. The Pater stones look like stone from this subterranean gallery.

This closeup shows the real beautiful of the Unakite gemstone, lovely colours and patterns..


"Flowering Vine of Jesse" Chaplet - Won by Meredith of Sweetness and Light

This chaplet is very beautiful in the sunlight as it has many little swarovski crystals that throw off beautiful glints and gleams of colour. The colours in this chaplet are reflected in the image below of St Anne's crypt in Apt, France where her body was discovered many, many centuries ago.

"Flowering Vine of Jesse" Chaplet

Once again the light purple has featured in the oval Ave gemstones and the crystals throw of blues and browns like the colours you can see in the crypt. But there is one more symbolic connection in the chaplet that ties to this crypt of St Anne.

See the black and white and image below, it is the design that is still visible, in exactly the same form wherein it was graven so many centuries ago.

It consists of the flowering branch of a tree, interlaced with a vine bearing both foliage and grapes. To look at it is an experience so moving that, months after gazing at it, this chronicler finds it impossible even to write of it without profound emotion. For it reveals, unmistakably, that when the stone slab was carved, even as now, men and women were reverently reciting the litany which begins:

"St Anne, Grandmother of our Saviour, pray for us."

And continues:"St Ane, Root of Jesse, St Anne, Fruitful Vine....pray for us."

The Pater beads are made from carved bone with a flowering vine, that represents the carving found on the ceiling in the crypt of Apt.

Here is my full posting from last year about the crypt at Apt and the inscription on the ceiling above the resting place of St Anne.


"Fragrant Myrrh of St Anne" Chaplet - Won by Mary

This St Anne chaplet has been created to compliment the beautiful, miraculous Icon of St Anne below. The colours of the Ave beads (African Jade Cross gemstones 12mm) reflect the colours in the Icon.

"Fragrant Myrrh of St Anne" Chaplet

The Pater Beads are Carved Bone beads. In you look carefully you can see the beautiful round 4mm swarvoski crystals that side the Pater beads in a deep brown that look like drops of Myrrh.
Each individual Ave bead is different in colour and pattern, so lovely...

Look forward to you joining with me on the 17th in praying the St Anne novena!

In that period I will be posting each day with the new daily St Anne novena prayer.


Julia said...

I emailed you as well but I really just wanted to comment here and say how very generous as well as gifted you are. God Bless!

Elizabeth Foss said...

Count me in! They are all truly, truly lovely Anne! I'm looking forward to praying the novena with you and celebrating this very special feast this year.

Nancy said...

Those are beautiful! I will be praying the novena with you and I will also enter the contest.
Thanks for doing this.

Maria said...

I would dearly love to enter this contest and have the chance to win one of these beautiful St. Anne chaplets.

Thank you so much for having this contest and sharing your lovely St. Anne devotion with us all.

I am really looking forward to praying this novena with you and celebrating St. Anne's feast day!

Thinking of you and praying for you and your family (And your sister as well!).


Lindsay said...

Absolutely stunning! So unique and thoughtfully made!

Joe and Amy said...

Those are beautiful. I am looking forward to praying the novena.

Jessica Gordon said...

Oh Anne, they are GORGEOUS!! I would love to be entered. They are ALL lovely, but my favorite is the first one pictured... BEAUTIFUL!!!! =)

STA - www.stthomasaquinaschurch.org said...

They are soooo fabulous! You are a true artist and I would love to join the contest!!
May God alway bless you!

STA - www.stthomasaquinaschurch.org said...

Your Chaplets are fabulous creations!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I would be thrilled to enter the contest.

God Bless you always,

STA - www.stthomasaquinaschurch.org said...

Sorry, I didn't notice the approval banner and probably posted multiple times. Opps!!
MaryAnne :-(

imcatholic said...

OH These are beautiful! I will be saying the novena with you - I have learned so much about the devotion to Saint Anne from you! Thanks

Leah of RamFam said...

Those are gorgeous! You are so very generous. I will be praying the novena with you.
Leah RamFam:)

Celeste said...

These are just gorgeous, Anne! Thank you so much for your generosity, and I'm praying along with you as we approach dear Saint Anne's feast.

Lillian said...

I would LOVE to be included in the drawing!! They are so lovely!! You're so sweet to be so generous! Looking forward to praying the novena, too!

Yvonne said...

These are so lovely, you are so generous both for sharing the novena and the contest give away! I am just starting my St. Anne devotion and will be praying the novena with you.

Zeliemum said...

Hi Anne,
I would also love to add my name to your draw if I could and take part in the Novena to St Anne. The chaplets are just amazing.

Zeliemum said...

Hi Anne,
I would love to join you draw if I could Anne, and take part in the Novena to St Anne.
These new chaplets are just breathtaking, beautiful colours and tied in theme to the life of St Anne, very insightful.
God Bless
Love C

Marcia said...

Looking forward to being united in prayer to Saint Anne very soon! Thank you very much for donating your time so generously.

Marcia said...

Looking forward to being united in prayer to Saint Anne with everyone! Thank you very much for donating your time so generously.

Ruth said...

Anne, these are incredibly beautiful! I would love to be entered as well. We'll be praying the novena with special intentions for our Anna. God bles you!

Leanne said...

It will be a very blesse lady who would be chosen to have one of these most beautiful chaplets. Your work is so beautiful Anne.
God Bless,

Bethany said...

Oh my! They are beautiful. Please count me in!

kdfash said...

These are exquisite and will bless those who use them! Thanks for sharing, and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day to discover your blog. I Providentially came across the 33 days Preparation on the Real Learning boards. I had not visited there in quite some time. I clicked on your link and am enjoying your lovely blog. I am due to deliver my 9th (Jacob Benjamin) on the Feast of St. Anne. I usually am a week late, but I am praying to go on time this time around! :)
Please include me in your contest and I will join in on the novena.
I do not accept comments on my blog, but my e-mail is located at the top of the page.

Nope said...

They are lovely, and i am so excited about the novena !!!

Sweetness and Light said...

These are so beautiful Anne, I would love to enter as St. Anne is my patron. Thank you so much for your generosity. Looing forward to praying the novena.

Unknown said...

They are so lovely. Count me in please. My baby boy will be baptized on the 26th.

Crystal said...

These are beautifully made. Please enter me into the drawing as well. Thank you and God Bless!!

Robynn said...

I will be praying this novena with you. Your chaplets are just lovely, everything you make is just beautiful. And I would love an opportunity to participate in your generosity.

God Bless

Cindy said...

I'm thrilled to be starting this novena with you - it happens to start on my eldest's birthday. :-) Your devotion to St. Anne is truly inspiring and has helped me to deepen my own devotion. Thank you for all you do.

nourished with love said...

I would love to be added to your drawing. That is the most beautiful collection of St. Anne Chaplets I've seen! I am a homeschool mom and recently gave birth to our seventh child and just found your uplifting blog. What a wealth of information I have been blessed with today! We will be praying the novena with you. God Bless!

Jennifer said...

Please ad me into the draw. I am in awe of your work. Thank you for sharing! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Would it be wrong for my novena intention to be to win one of your beautiful and truly graced chaplets? LOL...Thank you for the great gift you've given me in teaching me to love dear St. Anne. I am anxious to pray and celebrate with you this year.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Quote:Would it be wrong for my novena intention to be to win one of your beautiful and truly graced chaplets? LOL...

Oh Colleen, LOL alright!!

Shauna said...

I would love a chance to win! I am always admiring the Rosarys you make and I would like to make one as beautiful as the ones you make, some day :)

molly said...

Lovely Anne, I will be praying along with you, count me in on the drawing;-)

Tracey said...

Please count me in. What a beautiful way to celebrate
a very special time.

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I'd love to be considered!

Your work is beautiful and I have many special intentions for this novena!

Elena LaVictoire said...

They are all lovely and you are indeed very talented as well as generous! Please enter me in your contest.

This year St. Anne's feast will be bittersweet for us. We always celebrated the grandparents day on the feast of Jesus' grandparents. But this year with my mother's passing we have no more grandparents.

As her wedding anniversary was also on St. Anne's feast we are putting her ashes at the cemetery on that day this year instead.

Mary Alice Phillips said...

These are so gorgeous, Anne! I'd love to win any one of them for my eleven year old Annie. She recently had a huge health scare and I think this chaplet and the oil would be a tremendous comfort to her.

We'll be praying the novena. Thanks for posting this!!

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Oh Anne! You have out done yourself! These are gorgeous and I can't wait to pray the novena along with you. Even when we are half a world apart, we can still be united in prayer.

Emily Snow said...

Anne, these are truly a treasure. They each have a vintage heirloom look. You are very gifted. Praying with you!

Frabjous Days said...

How beautiful, and how generous! This is a timely reminder of the novena, too.

Anne is one of my middle names and I would *love* to win one of the chaplets!

Stephanie Linden said...

Anne, they are truly beautiful and I would be very honored to receive such a gift! Stephanie

Gloria said...

Oh Anne,
I just love how you coordinated the colors with each place of significance and I would be truely blessed to own any one of these. Be sure that St. Anne consideres you one of her favorite grandchildren for promoting devotion to her so beautifully. I have tried to make my own chaplet and wear it as a bracelette so that I would remember to say it, but it broke. I will take it as God's will that I take up this devotion if I win one of your lovely chaplets. I think I could use a grandma about now. Looking foreward to the novena, Gloria.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Anne, I prayed the double At Anne Novena with you last year and saw a miracle that astounded me in answer to prayer! I shall again be praying with you!
I would dearly love to win one of these beautiful St Anne Chaplets. Please enter my name. Hugs, Jenny

SuzanneG said...

Oh, Anne.....these are SO GORGEOUS!!!! I just want to sit here all morning and STARE AT THEM!!! Please enter me on this beautiful first day of the novena!

Anne said...

These are so, so beautiful! What a lovely idea for a giveaway! Count me in please!

Nadja said...

Thank you for this giveaway. These are the most beautiful chaplets I've ever seen. Had a baby girl on Tuesday, and will be praying the novena to St. Anne in thanksgiving for my vocation as a mother...

Marianne Elizabeth said...

Dear Anne,
I would love to enter this contest. Thank you for doing this and so happy to join everyone in doing this novena! Your blog is so lovely...a breath of fresh air.

Micki said...

What a wonderful way to spread the devotion to St. Anne. Please count me in. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

Anne- they are beautiful, as always. What great talent God has given you!


CaraTheresa said...

These chaplets are so lovely and inspiring!
A real gift you have, Anne!
Please count me in on the giveaway and know that I have you and yours in my prayers from Alaska!

kimberly said...

Anne, what lovely chaplets! If it's not too late, please count me in for the drawing. God bless you and grant you all your intentions as you pray this novena to dear St. Anne!

Marilyn said...

Dear Anne

Please count us in - Abby would love to be included in the draw. We are praying the novena with you and your are in our intentions. Thank you again for introducing us to the devotion to Saint Anne and for your constant love and prayers and support.

Sarah said...

What beautiful chaplets, and what a thoughtful give-away! I would love to be in the running for one of these chaplets! I've come across and enjoyed your blog before, and always adored the chaplets and rosaries you've made, but don't comment often.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

coming along late... as usual, but thankfully not too late. Thank you for offering such beautiful treasures!

Patricia said...

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Glory to Him forever!
Those chaplets are beautiful! Please enter me! Thank you & God bless!