Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New St Anne chaplet and Letter from deBeaupre Shrine

I revamped my St Anne chaplet, inspired by this rosary with some added medals for inspiration. The beautiful Pater beads are rose carved Mookalite gemstones. The Ave beads are 6mm mookalite gemstones round.

I still have my main St Anne medal at the beginning of the chaplet. What is different is the three new medals I've added. The St Anne chaplet is made up of sections that repeat three times. Each section comprises of an Our Father and five Hail Mary's. In between each Hail Mary you say, "Jesus, Mary and St Anne please grant...."

The first section is dedicated to Our Lord, so I've added the Child Jesus medal just before the first Pater bead. I imagine that on earth St Anne knew Our Lord as a child, so I thought that medal very appropriate.

The second section is dedicated to Our Lady, so I've wired on this beautiful medal of Our Lady just before the second Pater bead.

The third section is dedicated to St Anne, so I wired on before the third Pater bead a beautiful medal of St Anne, called 'St Anne with flowers'

Flowers seems to be a theme for this chaplet. The carved rose Mookalite gemstones, the St Anne medal, surrounded by flowers and lastly I added a rosary center this time, not necessary, but I chose to. I used a rosary center (see first picture) with two roses on the front and a miraculous medal imprinted on the back.

Doesn't the mookalite gemstone look glorious in the sun?


A letter came in the mail just as I was composing this post. It was from the Shrine of St Anne deBeaupre in Canada!! What timing... Inside was a novena booklet, prayer cards and small catalogue. I have received this due to subscribing to the Annals of St Anne a bi-monthly publication dedicated to St Anne.

The novena I will share soon, as St Anne's feast day is now, not too far away..

What I will share today one of the two lovely prayer cards sent to me. You can see an image of the first prayer card, it says on the front, "Let Us Be Reconciled" Next week, I'll share the second prayer card.

Let Us Be Reconciled

Grandmother Saint Anne, you have always unconditionally welcomed all people who have confided in you.

We come before you today with divisions of all kinds in our families, in our communities, in our country, and in our world. We long to say, "Let us be reconciled"; however, we cannot achieve this on our own.

Help us obtain from your Grandson Jesus the grace of peace and reconciliation for our broken hearts, as well as for our entire world.

Come to our aid so that we may say, with complete sincerity, "Let us be reconciled."

Good Saint Anne, pray for us.

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little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Anne it is late and my head hurts ;-)
however just quick before I'm off to bed
that card is beautiful !
also I still have no idea how you can sell those rosaries as they are so so pretty . how can you part with them ! I am so visual I just am eating them all up looking at them and of course you keep posting Our Lady Mount Carmel & ST.therese lol so I am so tempted ...
sleep must sleep I'll pop in tomorrow with more time .
JMJ , Roxie