Friday, October 23, 2009

'Patron Saint Match Relay' All Saints Party Game

This next game is another of the Team Games. The purpose of the game is for each team to match up the right saint to the right patronage. I typed up 24 saints names with little images next to each name (some of the images will also help the children work out the patronage of that saint eg: a flying St Joseph of Cupertino is obviously the patron of astronauts!) ~ I made three copies, printed them up, laminated them and cut them out individually. One set for each team.

Then I printed up the matching patronages for those saints, I printed them up, laminated the sheets and stuck them to boards that I had in the house. Popped a nice little border up the top the team's colour and an image of their 'mascot'.

The idea of the game is the teams are lined up in pairs (With each pair I put a smaller child with an older child, or a child who doesn't know as much about saints with someone who does) down one end of the yard. There is a parent assigned to each team holding the saint names.

Down the other end of the yard will be a table with these three boards on them, there will be a one parent to supervise and the oldest child from each team behind the table near their team's board.

When the game starts the first pair from each team is given a saint's name and they run to the table and need to find the patronage that matches (there will be a little clear double-sided tape on each written patronage) they stick the saint tag over the patronage as you can see in the first image. If they have difficulty in finding the patronage, then the oldest child in the team standing by the board, can help them.

Once a pair has got their saints name stuck on, the next pair from that team can run up. The first team to win is the one that completes the board first!

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rox said...

Ok Anne I so want to come to your parish and Your home ! Just to play !