Tuesday, June 3, 2008

St Anne, obtains for her devotees a happy death

St Anne, as you know, is the patroness of a happy death, I wanted to share with you today a lovely story published in the Good St Anne book. The Blessed Virgin herself has revealed to mankind, her mother Anne obtains for those who venerate her, a happy death. Here is one such case, written by the priest who was a part of this story:

“While I was assistant pastor in the parish of X, I was aroused one night by the ringing of the door bell. A stately woman, a stranger to me, called up the stairs: ‘Father, please go quickly and take the Blessed Sacrament to a servant in a house upon the hill, for she will not live through the night. The sexton is waiting for you in the church.’

“The sexton had been awakened by the same person. I took the Blessed Sacrament, and we started for the house. An hour later we arrived. To our great surprise, we found the house locked, and nowhere a sound or a light. We knocked at the door, but when it was opened, no one knew anything of a servant being ill there, so we concluded that some person, wishing to make light of us, had deceived us.

However, in order that I would not need to return with the Blessed Sacrament, one of the servants declared her readiness to go to Confession and to receive Holy Communion. Her suggestion was readily accepted. During her Confession, she began to feel indisposed. She finished her Confession and received Holy Communion. Before long her condition became worse, and she was obliged to go to bed. Soon it was evident that her end was near. I administered Extreme Unction and imparted the indulgence for the dying. Scarcely had this been done when the servant died.

“About her bed hung pictures of many Saints, among which was a large decorated representation of St Anne. ‘This servant,’ said the inmates of the house, ‘practiced special devotion to St Anne. In her honor she abstained from milk every Tuesday.’ I have no doubt that the woman who called the sexton and myself was none other than St Anne, who obtained for her client this last great favor.”

Let us practice special devotion to St Anne in order to obtain a happy death, upon which depends our happiness for all eternity." Good St Anne pgs 39-40

Jesus reminds us in the Bible that some things can be cast out only with prayer and fasting. I think too, it means that our prayers become more pleasing to God when sacrifice is added to it, when we mortify ourselves. This servant girl abstained from milk every Tuesday all her life. She gave of herself on St Anne’s day and St Anne in return miraculously gave of herself in order to see this faithful devotee die in the arms of the sacraments, confession – viaticum, ‘food for the journey’ and anointing of the sick - such a beautiful story.

I would like to finish with some lovely St Anne prayers that include an invocation for a happy death.


With a heart full of sincere and filial veneration, I prostrate myself before You, O Blessed Saint Ann, You are that beloved and privileged creature who, because of your extraordinary virtue and sanctity did deserve of God that chief of graces, of giving life to the treasury of grace, the Blessed among women, the Mother the Incarnate Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary. In consideration of such exalted favors, please O most tender Saint, receive me among the number of your truly devoted servants, for such I profess myself to be and wish to remain for the rest of my life. Surround me with your efficacious patronage and obtain for me a knowledge of my sins and sorrow for them, an ardent love of Jesus and Mary, and a faithful and constant observance of the duties of my state in life. Save me from all dangers in life and assist me at the hour of my death that I may safely reach Paradise, there to praise with you, most happy Mother, the Word of God made man in the womb of your most pure daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen.


With love, I come to you St. Anne. By your virtues and holiness, you merited from God the favour of giving life to her who is the Treasure of all graces, the Most Holy Virgin.Receive me, good St. Anne, into the number of your true clients, for so I profess myself and wish to remain throughout my entire life. Obtain for me, from God, the power to imitate those virtues with which you are so plentifully endowed. Help me to know and regret my sins bitterly. Obtain for me the grace of active love for Jesus and Mary, and resolution to fulfill the duties of my state of life with faithfulness. Save me from every danger that confronts me in life, and help me at the hour of my death. Amen.


O glorious Saint Ann, you are filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer! Heavily burdened with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of you to take the present intention which I recommend to you in your special care.

Please recommend it to your daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and place it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue. Continue to intercede for me until my request is granted. But, above all, obtain for me the grace one-day to see my God face to face, and with you and Mary and all the saints to praise and bless Him for all eternity. Amen.
O Jesus, Holy Mary, St. Ann, help me now and at the hour of my death.
Good St. Ann, intercede for me.


Alice Gunther said...

I love St. Anne and spent many happy summers visiting the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre in Canada.

This is beautiful.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Alice, I have a holy envy of you, to be so fairly close to the shrine - wonderful! Her image there is so distinctive and lovely, the statue at the shrine looks magnificent. Funny you mention de Beaupre, I just finished making a chaplet to St Anne with the St Anne de Beaupre medal!

molly said...

I am so grateful for all these wonderful posts on St Annne. You have truly cultivated a love of her in me.