Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dufflepudding around the Dawn Treader...

"The huge single foot of a Monopod acted as a natural raft or boat, and when Reepicheep had taught them how to cut rude paddles for themselves, they all paddled about the bay and round the Dawn Treader, looking for all the world like a fleet of little canoes..."

~ Chapter 11 The Dufflepuds Made Happy

Today the children and I were 'dufflepudding' around the Dawn Treader..our kayak looks like this...

...don't you think that looks like a big Dufflepud foot?

We went down at hightide which for around the Cleveland Point, for a few metres out, is only knee/thigh deep or so. We took in turns, two at a time to paddle around to this....

It would seem that the Dawn Treader is completed! And it looks....fabulous.

I enjoyed seeing the armour breast plate of the Dawn Treader now on, little starfish running up the side of her neck..

The Dawn Treader has now been swung around 180 degrees and now facing the opposite direction than before. She proudly struts over the point, looking out to Stradbroke Island.

We were able to paddle right next to her today, with no security men watching us carefully. It was a great experience to be on the water, feeling the movement of the sea underneath you and looking up at the Dawn Treader..thinking that you are travelling upon the water with her.

You almost expect Lucy to pop her head over the bulwark and mistake you for a sea girl..friends in an instant..(see Chapt 16 The Very End of the World..)

I noticed the helm and on the wheel there was a golden head of Aslan..the trouble is I brought my camera not realising it was not charged and so I missed a great opportunity to take some lovely oldest son took these photos using our mobile phone.

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I gave my children the link to your blog regarding your Dawn Treader series - we have very much enjoyed them! Thank you! Terrific pics and my eldest particularly loved the idea of taking the boats to see the sets!