Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pin the .... Game for the All Saints Party

Continuing my All Saints Party preparations. Today I finished working on the two Pin the ..... on the ..... Games ~ this year there is one of the girls and one for the boys.

The girls is Pin the Habit on St Therese. I made this 4- 5 years ago, originally I had a complete set of the St Therese Paper Dolls and I drew one of the St Therese dolls onto the cardboard, she is dressed in her home clothes that she would have worn before entering Carmel. I had used one the original habits from that set to use as the pin-on 5 years ago.

While I kept the carboard intact, I've lost the original habit but thankfully I was directed to Gail's St Therese of Avila Paper Dolls recently that had a free set of paper doll habits, so I printed one up and laminated it. Phew, a good save!!

Here is the habit, pinned-on ~ it's going to be alot of fun for the younger aged children on the day!

So I spent most of my working time on this project making the boys game Pin the Shamrock on St Patrick, from scratch. St Patrick was a good choice because he is often depicted holding a shamrock, the symbol of the Holy Trinity. St Francis of Assisi would be another good one, as he is often holding a dove...but when you think of it, there are ENDLESS saints holding symbols, you can be as creative as there are saints!!!

I drew this St Patrick from a colouring book I have but you can do and internet search on images and use something there to inspire your drawing efforts, if you feel you are really stuck when it comes to drawing, just trace! (Which is what I did here, for the record!! Only my shamrocks are free hand, so this is completely doable.)

Another game completed for this coming November the 1st!....there's a few more games to come yet, still alot of work ahead for me.


Gae said...

Dear Anne,
This is lovely, just lovely. I am so impressed with your recent crafts for feast days. I wish I could come up with so many lovely ideas.
Thank you for sharing them
God Bless

Nadja said...

Those are just wonderful. Your are immensely talented!

rox said...

Oh I like this 1 At first I thought " but Anne is an artist .I could never draw that " but then I read further your suggestion to find an image ! I think I can draw a shamrock ;-)
so what kind of food are you thinking of Anne for all saints day ? We always do mexican and food our ancestors liked for all souls .

Lisa Sweet said...

Your games for All Saints Day are lovely! My sister-in-law and I have planned All Saints Day parties for several years now. My brother-in-law made a Pin the Halo on the Saint game similar to yours.
We find the most popular games every year are Saints Musical Chairs and Pumpkin Bowling.
The ASD party is a wonderful piece of Catholic culture to offer our children.
Love what you are doing!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Roxie, to keep things simple from my end, I've asked ladies to bring one plate and to give it a saints wagonwheel biscuits can be iced on top with spokes and then can go as 'St Catherine's Wheels'

Lisa, I agree with you there, and the Early Roman Martyrs Musical Chairs was one of our favourites from years gone by as well...

Anonymous said...

Anne, I'll be using some of these ideas in a more basic form for our Saints day afternoon. for sure. I have two famailies coming over and a priest. Thank you for sharing all your hard work. They are all great ideas.
Wish we could be there too!!
Love C

Angela H. said...

Could you tell me what type of material you used to make the game?

I want to create one too but am not sure of what type of material to use, as I want it to maintain over a few years and keep up the quality.

Also, did you use tape, velcro or what to secure the "pinned image"?

thank you for the fantastic ideas!!!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Hi Angela, I made it with cardboard, nice and thick. The image of St Therese in habit came from the paper dolls book but if you were making/drawing that from scratch, you could use normal paper and for durability, laminate it. I just used a little bit of blue-tack (sticky putty for household use) behind St Therese's head, for the child to push onto the cardboard, it doesn't have to stay there long, just long enough to mark with a light pencil the spot with the child's initial.