Sunday, October 18, 2009

All Saints Party Decorations

What's a cheap but VERY effective way to decorate your home and yard for an All Saints party? Colouring in saints images!! I used this idea 4-5 years ago when we last hosted this party.

I had kept most of the images from all those years ago where the children and I had a heap of fun together colouring them all in. We had a bit of a production line at the time, I used felt pens to outline and the children then coloured them all in with pencil. But if you plan ahead, there is no reason why this cannot be a year long project, each image coloured, collected and kept.

The only thing I did differently this year was I laminated all the images so that they don't get accidently torn on the day by little fingers and I can store them, knowing they won't fade and get damaged.

I had orginally stuck these images all over the front of our home, but this time I intend to hang coloured steamers all around our front deck and patio and every few centimetres (inches) I'll staple a saint image to the streamers. Whatever is left over will be stuck to the house wall again.

If you used the two Volume Saints colouring books (Vol one and Vol two) from Regina Press, you'll have about 53 images to use!! A total cost of about $6 or so all up. Pretty good.

But I have another suggestion that is completely free ~ and that is to pop on over to Charlotte's blog, Waltzing Matilda and you'll find that she has generously given of her time and talent to share her colouring pages that amount to about 50 images or so (and that continues to build) you can do exactly the same thing with all of her creations.

I have some beautiful saint and marian large throw rugs that I'll hang up on the front of the house on the day as well, that coupled with coloured ballons, a hanging pinata waiting for the children, two saint pin up games stuck on the wall that also couple as lovely decoration.

I want the children as they come through the front gate to go, 'oooh! ahhh!' and feel like they are stepping into a 'little world of saints and colour' ~ they'll all be in dress up, so what a beautiful sight the complete picture will be!


Erin said...

What a fantastic party you are going to have. I wish we could be there!

Anonymous said...

What a neat and wonderful idea and just love what you have done with all of your coloring pages. You are such a creative and wonderful individual! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful and inspirational ideas with the rest of us! +JMJ+

rox said...

Oh Anne these ideas are so wonderful , keep them coming ! I am a tad lonely this yr missing my catechism class . Our parish has no longer child or youth groups any longer . I've been praying our praish grows or we find a new one with children .

Leanne said...

you are such a creative women, you have inspired me, yet again, but gosh i wish i would be at your home as well for the party.

Gae said...

Dear Anne,
I hope you don't mind if we use some of these. I must ask how long the colouring in took.
Great ideas again.
Enjoy your party
God Bless

I have tagged you for the 8 Question meme.

Monica @ Equipping Catholic Families said...

What a beautiful collage of the saints! I hope you come and check out what I have been doing with Saints pictures at Equipping Catholic Families.
Thanks for sharing!