Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesdays with St Anne - a beautiful website

I wanted to share this wonderful link to a most beautiful website dedicated to St Anne. I had found it last year some time and then lost it and no matter how much I googled, I couldn't find it again, so it delights me to have found it to share with you, please drop by and have a look!

Abbot Trithemius

Remember my postings on Abbot Trithemius? (here and here) He had tremendous devotion to St Anne and had written a book on her, well I found today in a search of mine, the orginal document/book - here is a photo of it:

Johannes Trithemius. De laudibus sanctissime matris Anne tractatus (Treatise in Praise of the Holy Mother Anne) Leipzig: Melchior Lotter, [1500].

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