Friday, June 1, 2007

2 Meme's - Combining the two

Paula and Christine both tagged me for different meme's so I've sort of combined the two - Paula I have written 8 things (meant to write 8 facts/habits about myself), just 4 of I have written and Christine I've written 4 new things done in the last 4 years. (As suggested.) I've tagged 8 girls and maybe if they would like to choose which of the two meme's they like best!

Four facts/habits..... (You have to laugh with me Paula - I'm actually coming back now to edit all this - these 4 of mine are unusual facts about me because I had it in my mind that they had to be unusual because I had been reading yours! - and some of them were a bit unusual in a funny way! My husband is impressed with your Mensa qualifications...)

1. I was born on the mighty Murray River (not in it! A hundred metres from it) The same hospital Tommy Woodcock died in - the famous strapper to Australia's treasure, the legendary 'Phar Lap'

2. My husband and I are portrait artists and we use to work together as a ‘team’ drawing and selling our work.

3.There is a famous Aussie expression, “living in the back of Bourke” and I really did for a year in my childhood on a remote property not far from Bourke, called, “Joseph’s Town” (Named in honor of St Joseph) how unusual is all of that?!?

4. I first met my husband when I was 10years old. (In the back of Bourke!!!!)

Four new things in the last four years......

5. I started blogging. (last week in fact)

6. My world was opened up to a new and beautiful horizon when Erin introduced me to 4Real.

7.We built our new deck.

8.I joined a Gregorian chant choir, Schola Cantorum and absolutely loving it.

Here are my 8 tagged girls:



Paula in MN said...

I'm totally jealous - I loved the movie Phar Lap. And isn't it wonderful that St. Joseph had a hand in bringing the two of you together? And tell your dh I'm the last person anyone should be impressed with!

Matilda said...

You are both amazing gals and I wish, hoe and pray that someday we could all meet in person and sit down for a cup of tea!

Anyway...I have a very busy morning, but I am already thinking of my 8 things and will work on the meme when the craziness stops.

Oh, wait...that might take a long while. How about this afternoon instead?

Matilda said...

That should read "hope" not "hoe". If I had a garden, I could hoe while I wished and prayed.

Joannof10 said...

I want to second what Matilda said,"I wish we could meet in person someday and sit and chat."

I'm trying to think of my meme answers, I hope to get to it soon.

I don't feel that I have anything unsual to tell about, but I will keep thinking.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Oh I couldn't agree more girls! If not in this life, there is a more heavenly cuppa waiting for us all to share, in the next life!

stef said...

My post is up, Paula! Thanks for tagging me!

And I must say I love your deck. I've also been to your website a few times, just admiring all the work you've got there. You are such a gifted artist!

Erin (Mum) said...

Very interesting facts:) I have just posted my meme, thanks for tagging me.