Monday, June 4, 2007

Saints Pages/Files to share..from Mum to Mom

About a week ago I mentioned how we use the Liturgical Calendar Wheel with our children. We have tried incorporate the daily remembering of the saints with this colourful calendar. Last year I had designed saints pages for each month. Each page/file has at least one saint's image for each day, sometimes more and images for the moveable feasts as well. (with Stef designing January and February) So that they can be cut and glued to the liturgical wheel for a beautiful ‘mosaic’ of colour and saints! Our children really love the daily adding of a saint to the wheel.

I am trying to make these sheets easily accessible to others, who wish to use the saints pages for this particular wheel or other similarly designed one. Or for those who would like to use the little saint’s images for other liturgical arts and craft purposes.

So what I have done is uploaded June and July onto my website and linked it to my blog sidebar – when June is finished I will take June down and put up August and continue on in that manner. Always having the two month’s sheet available. When you click on the links you can open the document or you can save it – by saving it onto your computer you will eventually have the whole year’s worth of sheets to use year after year with your children.
For any Aussie mums wanting to order this wheel for next year contact Heather at St Paul's Bookshop in Brisbane.


ascozyasspring said...

That is amazing and truly beautiful. When you said "sheets" though, I thought you were referring to bed sheets and just about gave up on ever living the liturgical year. "This woman has saint bedding? I can't compete with that!"
I love your new blog and, like Alice, kept hoping you would start one!

Moonlight in Vermont said...

I love this Annie. I have a Macintosh computer and it is not downloading. Is there anywhere I can buy this or is this your own creation. Again, just beautiful

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing the picture sheets!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, I loved your comment - it is probably a translation thing, there is probably a better US word for 'sheet' even though we use that word of bedding too!

Marianne, I've contacted you over at your place about getting these saint files to you.

Thank you to all you dear ladies for your kind words.

God Bless, Anne

stef said...

Hi Anne, do you have the other months done as well? I'd be happy to help with a month or two again if need be. We have not been as religious with our sheets as much as I had planned. Often we have to play catch up LOL. But that doesn't diminish the value of it nor the learning that happens when we do get to it.

Saint beddings? Now that sounds like an excellent idea!

Joannof10 said...

Thank you a real lot for sharing all your hard work with us. These Saint pages are wonderful!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Stef, I did get them all done and as you probably know, it was great fun once I got rolling with it!

We did catch up this year too, and it was fun - a real flurry of glue, paper and scissors!!