Friday, July 13, 2007

Novena Prayer to the Precious Blood

Please stop by and visit Andrea’s beautiful blog and see her craft activities for the month of the Precious Blood that she has done with her children. Such a fabulous job, Andrea, especially with the use of paper mache!

Here is a Novena prayer to the Precious Blood of Jesus on pg 37 of the Precious Blood & Mother manual.

Novena to the Precious Blood

By the voice of Thy Blood, O Jesus, we would press Thee, solicit Thee, importune Thee. Though Thou seemest to reject our supplications, we will not leave Thy bleeding feet until Thou hearest our prayers. So many graces, so many mercies have come forth from Thy Blood that we shall not cease to hope even to the end, in its efficacy. Then, O Jesus, by Thy Precious Blood seven times shed for the welfare of men, by each drop of that Sacred Price of our Redemption, by the tears of Thy Immaculate Mother, we entreat Thee to hear our prayers.
(Here pause and mention your requests) –
O Thou, Who during all the days of Thy mortal life consoled so many sufferings, healed so many infirmities, encouraged so many who were disheartened, Thou wilt not fail to have pity on a soul who cries to Thee from the depths of her anguish! No, it is impossible. Another sigh from our wounded hearts, and from the wound in Thy own will flow to us upon a wave of Thy Precious Blood the graces we ardently desire! O Jesus, hasten the moment when Thou wilt change our tears into joys, our sighs into thanksgivings.
Holy Mary, source of the Divine Blood, we entreat Thee not to lose this occasion for glorifying the Blood which made thee immaculate. Amen.

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Jen said...

Thank you so much for posting all of these beautiful prayers and meditations on the Precious Blood of Jesus. I am enjoying it so very much! (I came across your blog awhile ago through the 4Real Forums)