Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Precious Blood & Mother

Today is the last day of July and the month of reparation is drawing to a close.

I have been sharing prayers from The Precious Blood & Mother manual that I had received from The Contemplative Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood in New York. One of the most beautiful and comprehensive prayer books I have ever seen. This book, whilst not big, is 156pgs long and it has so many, many prayers to numerous to share in this month alone.

I wanted to end this month by adding two final things from the book, a prayer and a poem.

The book is called The Precious Blood & Mother - and so the prayer is to "The Precious Blood", one of reparation from pg47:

Act of Reparation to the Precious Blood

Adorable Jesus, Lamb without spot, who ceasest not to pour forth Thy Divine Blood in order to appease and justice of Thy Heavenly Father; innocent and thrice holy Victim, who hast paid for the guilty a ransom infinite in merit and in sacrifice, I come before Thee to render thanksgiving for Thy benefits to us, and to make some poor amends for the crimes committed upon earth. Lord, how small, alas, are the number of those who do Thee honor, and how numerous, on the contrary, are they who despise and trample under foot Thy Precious Blood! How many daily satiate Thee with the approbrium of Calvary!

O Jesus, by the potent voice of Thy Divine Blood, and in the name of the infinite merits of Thy heart-rending Passion, I implore Thy mercy, not for myself alone, but for the many souls who, resisting the call of grace, refuse to seek, at the foot of the Cross, or under the shadow of the Tabernacle, pardon and life. Pity, gentle Jesus, pity all these; pity also those who dare to approach Thee all uncleansed, and to mingle Thine adorable Blood with the mire of their sins. Yes, pity, mercy, pardon! We implore these graces in the name of Thy Blood and Thy Eucharist!

Most holy Mary, bless me! Take my heart, hold it fast, and keep it in perpetual adoration before the altar; that there it may ever be, glorifying Jesus, and making reparation for the outrages offered to His Blood.

The second edition tonight is a poem on pg 5 in honor of Mary (and all dear mothers) in the, "& Mother" in the prayer manual title:

There are soft words murmured by dear, dear lips,
Far richer than any other;
But the sweetest word that the ear hath heard
Is the blessed name of "Mother."

O magical word! may it never die
From the lips that love to speak it,
Nor melt away from the trusting heart
That even would break to keep it.

Was there ever a name that lived like this?
Will there ever be such another?
The Angels have reared in Heaven a shrine
To the holy name of "Mother."


Micki said...

I just found your site and I will be back to read much much more. I have a Holy Card Blog and I love so many of the pictures you use.
Could you tell me where you can get the prayerbook you mention so frequently (Precious Blood & Mother) Thank you so much.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Thank you Micki for visiting! I have vistited your lovely blog with all the rare and unique holy cards and quotes, I have popped your link up in 'Places to Visit'

I have just found out about the avilability of The Precious Blood & Mother manual and I will post the link for purchasing from the Sisters in my next post (probably today, sometime.)

Micki said...

Hi Anne,
I just received my wonderful booklet from the Precious Blood Sisters. Unfortunately it doesn't contain any of the pictures that are so beautiful and enjoyed on your blog. I guess it is different but has the same prayers. A very worthwhile purchase anyway.
Now, any help in finding a copy of the book with the pictures? Thank you for any help you might give me. My email is on my blog.