Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Voice of the Precious Blood

Here is a beautiful poem from The Precious Blood & Mother pg 18.

The Voice of the Precious Blood

O come ye to the Banquet,
To the Feast of My Precious Blood.
The table is spread and ready
Bedecked with roses – both blossom and bud.
Roses I’m waiting to shower
On those for whom I have bled,
Roses for you and for others,
Roses snow-white and blood-red.

E’en as a Child in the manger
I craved for the love of men,
‘Tho a helpless Babe on My bed of straw
Yet looking ahead to Calvary I saw
I’d still thirst for the love of men.

Then come to Me, O ye faithful,
And comfort your Saviour’s Heart.
Come to Me; do not tarry;
I’ve graces and gifts to impart.
To you who have ever been faithful,
Yet perhaps have known sorrow and pain,
To you who have favors you seek for
Goes My fond invitation again.

Bring your trials and crosses to Calvary;
Place them there beside Mine Own;
For the God-Man of Calvary, dear ones,
Has the greatest of sorrows known.
I’ve asked you before. Did you heed Me?
I’ve pleaded. Have I pleaded in vain?
Have recourse to the Blood of your Saviour;
‘twill take from you every stain.

Bring your trials and crosses to Calvary;
Place them there at the foot of the Tree,
And listen! To the voice of your Saviour,
As I plead, “Friends, come unto Me,”
Bring your chalice of suffering with you
To catch the drops of My Precious Blood;
And throughout your lives I will scatter
My roses – both blossom and bud.

Kneel at the Banquet railing
And whilst My Light and My Grace your soul flood,
Partake of the Bread of Angels, Partake of My Precious Blood.
And the Dove of Peace will enter
Your heart thro’ the open door
Whilst a wave of My Blood will
Bring in to you, gifts and favors.
So come and adore!

‘Tis our Lord Himself Who is calling,
Hark! To the Precious Blood’s plea.
Unite with your friends in the cloister;
Place your wants at the foot of the Tree.
In this world there are few of us perfect.
We have faults; we need help spiritually.
Then join our Solemn Novena;
Place your cares at the foot of the Tree.


Alice Gunther said...

Anne, each post on this blog is a treasure in itself. So beautiful, as always!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Thank you for your kind words Alice, I am glad to say that my beautiful manual is doing most of the talking!!