Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wistful rememberances in the month of Spring...

Spring is turning my my mind to many a splendid thing and foliage and flowers are one of the first that 'springs' to mind.

Alas! We are in the worst drought ever not even allowed to bucket water onto the outside plants... But I still want to SEE, touch and smell the splendour and beauty that comes with this youthful and fertile season.

I was looking through old photos this morning and found pictures of our Mary garden and our St Joseph garden. They seem like ages ago. We lost our St Joseph garden to termites and will soon loose the boarders of our Mary garden to the same critter and will be dismantling it soon. Though we will one day build back with termite-free material, that is probably another year away from coming to fruition.

So I thought I'd post in memory of these precious gardens we once loved and lost and hope to have again when the drought breaks and the land is refreshed and renewed.

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just another day in paradise said...

The garden are beautiful. I'm so sorry you lost them. I wish we lived closer. We could do a plant exchange : )