Sunday, October 14, 2007

Naming my Aussie Guilty Pleasure

Matilda has been discussing guilty pleasures and has challenged others to name their own, which I feel brave enough to do. There is always some guilty pleasure to indulge in from time to time but I have discovered that in pregnancy, those ‘guilty pleasures’ can go into overdrive – and I don’t really know why...

What is my guilty pleasure?

At present I am being consumed by one in particular (or it is the other way round, really..) a Weis Bar.

I’ve always known and enjoyed Weis Bars, natural ice cream bars made of pure fruit and rich cream, they have been driving Australians crazy for almost 50 years. The trouble is it’s a fine time for me to have discovered their latest bar – Macadamia, Mango Bar – made of real Mangoes, cream & macadamia nuts, with no artificial colours or flavours - there is nothing like knowing it is good for you, to hose down those raging flames of guilt, is there?

For me, it has come as such a surprise that this particular fruit and nut is such a perfect accompaniment for each other – I’ll never think of one without the other from this time forward.

When I think of the Australian state I live in – Queensland (with it's famous slogan, "beautiful one day, perfect the next") – I think of mangoes and macadamia nuts. So many Queenslanders have the proverbial mango tree or macadamia nut tree in their backyard.

I grew up with two enormous mango trees just three houses down from us, they were SO big that when they were finally cut out for totally ruining the owner's house plumbing, it took 3 days to do it – they were gigantic! The sun got it's first look in in that yard in 100 years or more and the haunting sounds of the storm bird could be heard no more from it's branches.

Mango fever hits our state every year in the Mango season (summer coming soon) and they are seen as the deluxe of all natural indulgements. There will be lorries parked on the sides of roads with a local farmer selling boxes of mangoes with a string of cars pulled to one side behind it, lining up for their box or two! (or more..) They are great to freeze and put through the blender for the most wonderful fruit smoothies.

Next door to us, they had a Macadamia nut tree, growing right next to our side fence and as a child I spent many an indulgent time collecting, cracking open with a hammer and gobbling cheeks-full of this delicious nut - a nut that is really the king of all nuts, in my opinion.

Matilda, a Weis Bar is certainly something to be experienced but I’m afraid they are a fair-dinkum Aussie product only, so if you ever come down under my way, it will be another guilty pleasure you can add to your list!

I have to have a final I was searching for a suitable image of these bars I found a good one on someone else’s blog – and they had referred to it as a gluttonous sin!!!

I think I’ll stick to my term of ‘guilty pleasure’ otherwise I’ll be off to confession, confessing my pure indulgence in them...

So what is your guilty pleasure?


Matilda said...

I would love to share a Weis bar with you! Let's pray that it happens if it be God's will! Thanks for playing!

Meredith said...

Oh those are just right up my alley and I'm right there with you on the macadamia nuts!! Yum!

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

A mango seems so exotic to me. I can't imagine having one in my backyard even though it is one of my favorite fruits.

Jacqlyn said...

Gosh Anne, I am a fellow Aussie but have never heard of a Weis bar. I must say though that as a fellow pregnant mother I can feel the urge upon me now to discover more. Oh how on earth will I sleep tonight with vivid images of this delectable food that now consumes my mind?
Bless Ya, Jacqui!

Moonlight in Vermont said...

I am Costa Rican so mangos, guavas, papayas are always my favorite. I love these thrown in smoothies!!!

Len & Heather said...

This is off-topic but wanted to tell you I love your "About Me" section. It is beautiful and I did lift a prayer up for you and your family.
Heather - Doodle Acres

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Thank you Heather! Actually, I feel I need prayers in particular at present, I've been very sluggish in the last few day, being heavily pregnant and so it is a test in being virtuous in all circumstances - so they are a Godsend!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

I hate to admit it Anna, but even though I'm surrounded by a family of mango-lovers I am not one of them. How un-Australian is that!?
My guilty pleasure is of the cocao bean kind. ;-)
Dud D'or Chocolates....oh my...I feel an urge to tear open that box waiting under the tree. I knew I should not have mentioned them...

Purpleflowerpatch said...

I wrote Anna...sorry Anne! I have you both on my heart this morning.