Saturday, February 2, 2008

Candlemas & a baptism

Oh Blessed Day! Our little girl was baptised today on the feast of Candlemas (The Presentation of the Child Jesus/Purification of Our Lady.) Here is my dear husband holding our newest child of God, after her consecration to Mary over at Our Lady's altar.

The baptism was after the 7am Mass where we had a fully sung Mass for the feast and had our year's supply candles blessed. It was a very quiet baptism with my strength not fully back and my mum and our oldest boy stood in proxy for our dear friends, Scott and Chemai who could not be with us due to chickpox being in our household still and the fact they don't get their new van until next week, which will then hold their precious seven on board.

Our Lady of Victories is such a beautiful, Spanish style church that is high, atop a hill overlooking our city's river with almost 360degree views of the city. Here I am with my oldest and youngest daughters.

Couldn't resist this one...isn't he cute?

The two youngest boys in white, they enjoyed the morning immensely.

This afternoon I have set up a little altar for the novena leading up to the 150th anniversary of apparition of Lourdes.

Here is the baptismal gown, it was made from the left over material of my wedding dress, 6 babies ago. On the front is sewn a medal of Our Lady of Lourdes given as a gift to our little one, it has been touched to the rock at Lourdes itself.

Sandy's gift - a beautiful baptismal cup - for each child she has bought one of these pewter cups, with the child's name and birth date engraved on it, a truly precious gift.

Here are our year's supply of candles - pure 100% beeswax from QueenB - 40 candles for the year and one of them used as a baptismal candle today.

Two blessed candles already in our wall hanger, one by our Our Lady of Lourdes for the novena, so wonderful to light and smell these honey scented candles - and for the whole year to come!


Therese said...

Welcome to the family baby Annuncia.

KatieButler said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family! May God bless your daughter on her baptism day and always.

Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of such a special day. Congratulations and God bless your precious Annuncia. You look beautiful. You have a beautiful family.

Surprised by Joy said...

What a beautiful day. We had a baptism anniversary on the same feast.
You look wonderful Anne, good to see everyone up and about.


Meredith said...

Oh what a truly beautiful and special day!! GOd BLess your sweet little one! And I agree, you look beautiful!

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

Congratulations Annuncia! What a beautiful baptism day!

You look terrific Anne and your family is beautiful.

We tried to baptize our daughter on that day as well -- but it wasn't part of God's Will. But, I think we'll be baptizing our daughter on the feast of St. Colette!
That'll work for us.

Annelisa Corboy said...

Dear Annie thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. Congratuations on bring another soul into the church. we scored another "Corboy" on candlemas my brother in law got married.

Jacqlyn said...

Congratulations and thankyou for sharing your special day.
Hope you are all well and recovering from the chicken pox!
Bless you, Jacqui xx

MaryM said...