Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy St Anne Feast Day! - 2

Here is our St Anne altar for the feast day. We had to keep everything very simple as mumps has just entered our home.. The colour gold kept coming to mind, so I bought gold cardboard, to lie on the altar, which then runs up the back of the wall behind the basket and flower arrangement. It wasn't until we got home that we realised it tied in with our prayer intentions basket made months ago. I also bought a lovely flower arrangement, sitting nicely in a yellow container with yellow and orange flowers.

I wanted a theme of 'The Holy Womb of St Anne' and because of sickness etc, we didn't have time for in-depth crafting so I found a beautiful glass bowl to represent St Anne's holy womb, the bowl has lillies in frosted glass around the rim (pure womb) and we lined it with gold stars within, sticking a few along the sides with glue. I printed a lovely image of Maria Bambina from the net and I have some of the Maria Bambina sacramental cotton from the Shrine in Italy, it is all very simple but effective/meaningful.

Then I found this beautiful information from the Catholic Culture website:

"St. Anne was for long the patroness of joiners and cabinet makers, and for the emblem of their guild they took a figure of St. Anne instructing her daughter. A curious choice, it seems at first glance. But they entwined round the two figures this inscription: "sic fingit tabernaculum Deo," thus she frames a tabernacle for God. These wood workers realized the parallel between themselves, the tabernacles they made, the Blessed Sacrament that was housed in them and St. Anne, our Lady and the Child she bore. "

I just think that is a beautiful inscription - I really wanted to do something with it and so I bought some wide, wired ribbon, a gold glitter pen and a packet of gold stars (same used in the Holy Womb of St Anne craft) I wrote the inscription on the ribbon and my oldest daughter decorated the ribbon with golden stars.

Here's a close up of the goregeous flowers, can't wait to see the lillies in it flower! We are about to prepare dinner and will say a St Anne chaplet tonight in front of the altar as a family.

My dh drew out a name from his Acubra hat this afternoon - Christine M was the name chosen, look forward to posting this chaplet out to you soon Christine!
I hope to come back and post for a third time today and share our story of seeing the Holy Father and St Anne's hand in it all.

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