Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Healing for Soul and Body...

In the last few months I've been thinking about our drinking water....We have always had a filter under our sink but unfortuately at the end of this year our state government is going to introduce fluroide into everyone's drinking water. We do not want to be drinking that fluoride so it will mean will will have to upgrade our filter system to a reverse osmosis system. The thing is, it removes everything from the water including the minerals...but where there's a will there's a way, I say. So I thought if I bought a ceramic kitchen top water container I could add the water from our filter to the container and put Terramin Clay (which we have been using for years now) in the container to put back the essential minerals.

The Terramin Clay is a calcium based clay that has been proven to remineralize the body and remove toxins. NASA sponsered a study in the 60's and discovered the only effective product to reverse the osteoporosis in their astronauts (caused by weightlessness for extended periods) was clay - and the optimal clay was the Terramin Clay.

I was reading my Nourishing Traditions book the other night and flicking through the chapter on minerals to discover this passage:

"The proper way to take in minerals is through mineral-rich water; through nutrient-dense foods and beverages; through mineral-rich bone broths in which all of the macrominerals – sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur – are available in ready-to-use ionized form as a true electrolyte solution; through the use of unrefined sea salt; and by adding small amounts of fine clay or mud as a supplement to water or food, a practice found in many traditional societies throughout the world. Analysis of clays from Africa, Sardinia and California reveals that clay can provide a variety of macro- and trace minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium iron and zinc. Clay also contains aluminium, but silicon, present in large amounts in all clays, prevents absorption of this toxic metal and actually helps the body eliminate aluminium that is bound in the tissues.

When mixed with water, clay forms a temporary colloidal system in which fine particles are dispersed throughout the water. Eventually the particles settle to the bottom of the container, but a variety of mineral ions will remain in the water. These mineral ions are available for absorption, while other minerals that form an integral part of the clay particles may, in some circumstances, be available for absorption through ionic exchange at the point of contact with the intestinal villi.

Clay particles, defined as having a size less than 1-2 microns, have a very large surface area relative to their size. They carry a negative electric charge and can attract positively charged pathogenic organisms along with their toxins and carry them out of the body. Thus, clay compounds not only provide minerals but also can be used as detoxifying agents. As such, they facilitate assimilation and can help prevent intestinal complaints, such as food poisoning and diarrhea. They also will bind with antinutrients found in plant foods, such as bitter tannins, and prevent their absorption."

I had priced ceramic containers and I was looking at $165 or so...wow, alot of money...I thought I'd wait until the end of this year to purchase one, UNTIL I visited a garage sale and found this one (that suits my kitchen decor, how good is that?) it only cost me $20...it was minus it's lid but I just cover it will a plate or bowl.

Then I started reading a new book of mine The Medal or Cross of St Benedict and it mentioned in there that this sacramental medal could be used to dip into water to drink for spiritual and physical healing, I was interested to read the stories of that particular use....So I searched on ebay and bought myself a sterling silver St Benedict Medal with a stainless steel chain (something I could use in water safely.)

I took it to Father to receive the special exorcism blessing (not just a normal blessing) and then placed it in the bottom of my ceramic container (I was joking with some homeschooling mums recently that it is our 'St Benedict Well'.) The Church provides us with so many beautiful sacramentals, it is lovely draw upon and use daily these special gifts, (St Benedict Medal being one of them) that we use with faith and love.

Follow the link to find out more about the St Bendict Medal.

Here is our medal before we have added the clay.

All ready to go!
St Benedict, pray for us!


Purpleflowerpatch said...

We've had a ceramic kitchen top water container for about 18 months, but fortunately we don't have to use town water. We have a rain tank and the water is beautiful.
When we did use the town water (once!) we could still taste all the chemicals even though it had been through the ceramic filter...yuk.
Love the teaching on the St Benedict medal!

Erin said...

Our water filter lid was also smashed , we tried the plate but it was irritating. Dh ended up buying a ceramic plant 'saucer' which fits nicely and doesn't slide around like the plate did.
Love garage sales:)

Raewyn said...

Love the info on St. Benedict medal, Anne!

I have been a reader of your blog for a while and I always loved reading your posts on celebrating the saints' feast days. My question is, how do you start the feast days with your children? What do you do?

I'm hoping to start it with my family, and I told my mom about it. She said, "I know! You can be in charge of that!" Which is a whisper from the Holy Spirit, because I really do love the idea and would love to do it for my mom. I know she wants to do it too, but she has so much on her hands with us kids and schooling us. ;)

I just have no idea what to do. Could you share some of your recipies that you use? I have a gmail account at raewyn83@gmail.com.

Do you have any Catholic mom blogs to reccomend that celebrate saints' feast days also?


Anne (aussieannie) said...

Jenny, can't you just taste bad water? I find when I go to different areas of Australia I can also taste the difference..

Erin, I know what you mean, I'm now using a nice ceramic bowl for the lid and that works much better.

Thank you for posting Raewyn, I'll get back to you soon!