Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Winter Warmers and other beautiful things...

Yesterday I made a lovely chicken pie with my stock leftovers (chicken meat) I just fried up some onions and garlic, cooked up some vegetables, threw in the chicken left-overs, added chicken stock and arrowroot powder (this is what I use to thicken anything when cooking) mixed it all together and put it into the pie dish.

The children called it "The Sunflower Chicken Pie" with the scalloped edges and face. I don't make my own pastry but I only buy the fronzen made pastry with butter (don't like canola oil or margarine) unfortunately it is hard to get it with butter...

Yesterday was my father's anniversary (died 7:7:2000) and we walked down to the cemetery to bless his grave and say some prayers and leave a rose from our garden..here is my eldest carrying my youngest in style!

It was a lovely little walk on a very mild winter day, it started raining as we were about to leave and took shelter under some very old fir trees....we really need this beautiful rain.

Lastly but not least - I received the most beautiful gift in the mail...I was so deeply touched as this has been lovingly handmade, with a material cover with red roses and a beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the center, beautifully stitched around the image and a little embroidery work above...a lovely notebook which I will treasure with all my heart. This is a beautiful gift from a dear friend I hope to met in person one day, one very talented lady (so is her daughter!)

Thank you dearest Jenny!

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