Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday by the Sea

Our days started like this.

So began a week long break away that enabled us to rest and relax. For me personally, the highlight of each day was the beautiful 5am walk along these incredible beaches...

I was in charge of the camera and so I was very snap happy in order to get some lovely, new photos of the family with a beautiful, natural backdrop..I wasn't disappointed.

There was some sort of rig right out in front of our unit, each morning we saw the helicopter fly men out to start their day's work...what sort of work I'm not sure.

Our budding fisherman...

The big '16' is our oldest's WYD shirt, "Benedict 16" emblazoned on the back, his fav shirt at present.

What a bleary eyed little girl!

Dh and bubs. We were very fortunate to have had many overcast days, I don't think I could have handled too much sun and humidity...

Sweep that sand off that little blossom's bottom!!

The rig seems to feature in many of our photos, keeps popping up here and there... behind me at present.

This interesting rock formation was a km. or so from our unit, towering in the distance it was usually a good walking goal..

This young man will be 14 next week. Don't they grow?

This sweet little darling had a very big morning in the sun and had fallen asleep in daddy's arms, she peacefully slept on, once we got back to the unit.
Our short walking path from the beach to our front lawn..

Our unit nestled amoung the trees, just off the beach.

Our last, full day at the coast gave us blue, clear skys. The waves were powerful that morning after a night's storm.

The beautiful, clear waters of a creek coming straight off from the beach.

Great for boating, canoeing, the children had a lovely time.

My little man enjoying the surf with his boogie board.

Looking down from our unit's front lawn, to the rolling surf.

When we looked south each day, this was our view, the towering rock further down and the many skyscrapers of the Gold Coast gave the impression that were floating at sea...

Oh, she was having fun!!!

The end of a great day, dad.

I took many snaps. I'm not a great photographer but when you take many, you get lucky. This was my lucky, brilliant shot of 'dear boy' (as he use to like to call himself)

" Don't yah turn my brown eyes, bluuue...."

Sand, sea and surf was a totally new experience for blossom who is now 10months, since she was born in the middle of the last summer. She thinks it is good stuff!!

Time for reflection, while watching the family frolic around at the end of a day, at the end of a holiday.


monique said...

You have a beautiful family. Sounds like you also had a great vacation. I enjoy your inspirational and holy blog. When my children are learning about Australia I always think of you!

Leanne said...

this looked a Wonderful holiday. How refreshing.Where did you stay??

Mary Vitamin (Helen) said...

i enjoyed your holiday photos. I think i feel more refreshed!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful photos Anne! Makes me want to go to the beach.

Meredith said...

I'm catching up backwards here, what a lovely time and incredible photos of such a beautiful family!

molly said...

lovely shots.