Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prayers for Elizabeth to Dear St Anne!

Elizabeth has just gone into labour, 5 weeks early - please, please pray to St Anne that mother and baby will be well!

UPDATE: Sarah Anne has arrived safely, under the mantle of the feast day of All Saints, mother and baby are well! Please continue to pray that they both continue to make a good recovery and they get home very soon!

Thank you St Anne, protectress of mothers, keeping them safe and well for their beloved children, thank you St Anne, who protects babies in an extraordinary manner in birth!


Purpleflowerpatch said...

Anne, she came to mind this morning as I was praying through the Joyful Mysteries - now I know why! Holding her in prayer again.

aspiring said...

I join you in your prayers...
in Jesus and in His Name, amen.

molly said...

We are praying Anne. Thanks to you, and your teaching us about St Anne. we have her under our icon of St Anne.

aspiring said...

Anne, may I add something to your site regarding the election? If not, delete it, with my thanks for your consideration just the same.

The election - how daring are you?

The time for all the words, banter, claims and disclaims is over. Can you feel it? Can you feel our Father calling us to quiet communion and solidarity with Him instead? And to soberness of will.

The babies lost by violence of abortion - and by death of artificial contraception, too - WILL be a reality to be reckoned with in the end.

The babies had a body and they have souls and unending life. That accounts for much.

I don't mean a reckoning at the end of the election - but at the end of one's life on earth or at the end of time. The reckoning may be between each of us and God, or maybe between each of us and that host of babies. Who can know? Will the babies convict the guilty? Will the guilty come to convict themselves? Will the babies forgive the repentent? Who can know?

Our Father reigns sovereign. Pray for all people of the world to see His Hand in the outcome, whatever it is, and continue in communion with Him.

Join our Father in the quiet, in prayer, in communion, in fasting, in solidarity.

Those with argument, have no argument. Abandon them for the time being.

Regarding your post, do you have more news of Elizabeth and Sarah Anne?

in Jesus, aspiring +