Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This mama is....

definitely multifunctional!!
We spent the last week of our holidays building a new fence but it became a race against time and in the end there was still work to be done when dh went back to work yesterday...but we needed a secure yard for the children so I got out and with the help of ds14 we drilled in the remaining rails and then I preceeded to nail on all the pailings....in the rain.

I lived in fear of those pailings going their own way so checking with the level top and bottom...Finally when I was close to the end I saw two men coming towards me with hammers in hand...neighbours three doors down to help me out! Well, it's now done and I am very happy with our new fence!
Earlier on in the week...

Life's hard when I've got to sit around and watch people work hard in the hot sun!

We have had so much rain in our part of the world lately the digging wasn't too hard.

Here's my Dear Boy (4) who showed himself to be very handy with a hammer.

When he went a bit askew, he self corrected...and continued on.

He was able to knock in a row of nails with relative ease.

Last one....

There! All done! WELL DONE Dear Boy!!!

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