Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2008 with St Anne revisited

I was getting closer to finishing my Tuesdays with St Anne late last year but I thought it best to stop over the advent period in order to focus on the enormous task of it's preparation and living of it.

My last St Anne posting was the first half of the story of St Anne de'Auray so I thought it best to link back to it for my first posting so as to refresh on the story to date before continuing on with it.

St Anne has blessed me enormously last year, in my own life and many people I know who have called upon her. I have heard some beautiful stories connected to her - prayers answered.

I am still marvelling over how St Anne lifted me up at my lowest point last year when I thought my heart virus was going to carry me away after fighting that thought while struggling physically for many weeks. On that day...no....at that moment, when I cracked and caved, a parcel arrived in the post, two in fact. A box full of Good St Anne booklets....and a beautiful icon of Our Lady holding the Child Jesus with St Anne and St Joachim. (you can see the icon in my Tuesdays with St Anne picture) It had been travelling in the mail for 3 months, all way down from Canada sent by a dear lady from the 4 Real forum, Mary Mary.

In all the moments of that icon's journey across the globe and there are alot of moments in 3 months, it arrived at THAT moment. I will never forget that, ever.

The chaplet of St Anne has been my primary prayer offered to her and it is one of the Church's best little chaplets. The reason being, it can be recited fairly quickly (taking in consideration the busy lives of so many mums!) and it also encompasses simple prayers and words that don't require the necessity of having the prayers of the chaplet on paper nearby.

To recap on it's recitation, it is an Our Father, followed by five Hail Marys, this is repeated another two times (3 rounds all up) and between each Hail Mary you say, "Jesus, Mary and St Anne, please grant......." depending on your particular intention. The first section is dedicated in honour of Jesus, the second in honour of Our Lady, the third in order of St Anne.

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