Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cleaning teeth with Terramin Clay

Lately, the discussion of teeth and tooth care has come up at 4Real and I had mentioned that in our family we have finally all switched over to using Terramin Clay for brushing our teeth daily instead of toothpaste.

Terramin Clay, due to it's remineralization and detoxification benefits, aids in strengthening teeth (remineralization) and healing gum disease (removal of toxic wastes, namely, bacteria.) Unfortunately, we were using it spasmodicly due to storage issues in the bathroom, so we kept abandoning it.

Well, finally in the last few weeks we have it sorted. I had some lovely, small sized Tupperware containers that fitted perfectly between our new toothbrush holders, as you can see in the photo above. I have one container for the children and one for my husband and I. You need to make sure that the brushes have been cleaned under running water before dipping them lightly into the clay, it only needs to be a little clay on the brush. When the children have finished brushing, I get them to spit once, but not to rinse their mouths with water, so that the clay residue stays in the mouth and continues working on the teeth, particularly in the nighttime brush, so there is still some clay in the mouth overnight.

Ran Knishnisky wrote in The Clay Cure, "the clay is absorbent, so it will not be abrasive, and it helps harden teeth enamel while it aids in gum tissue repair. Furthermore, if used regularly, it helps to prevent gum recession." The reason gum disease develops is the bacteria build up around the teeth. When brushing with Terrmain Clay it binds the bacteria to the clay particles and is removed.

Terramin Clay and it's ability to heal or prevent gum disease is well known. I have known of two cases personally where this has worked. Firstly my mother - she is someone who will not eat unless she can brush her teeth within 15mins afterwards. So if she goes on a long trip and forgets her toothbrush, she will not eat until she returns home. She has been like that since she was 18, no one can accuse her of not doing the very best with her teeth!

A few years back in one of her 6 monthly dental checkups she was horrified when informed the early beginnings of gum disease was present. This was the same diagnosis at the following 6monthly checkup. Three months before her third checkup, she started on the clay, not to brush her teeth with but drinking it in water, twice a day, a tsp each time. When she went for her next checkup the dentist informed her that her gums were fine again. My mother knew it was the clay that was the only different thing in her life.

The second case is a lady who had mentioned a relative had serious gum disease and had been told that all his teeth had to be removed because of it. She was looking for any possible product that might help in a last minute effort to stop the loss of teeth. I mentioned the clay and it's benefits with teeth. The lady bought the clay off me (as I was at the time, an Australian distributor) and said she would get her relative to try it. I didn't hear from her until a year later when I received an email from her. She said that she was wanting to buy more and that a friend was also interested - the reason? - the clay had completely reversed her relative's gum disease, as advanced as it was, and the teeth were saved.

I have at present a friend who is trying it, she wears a plate in her mouth and where the wires are rubbing against a tooth, she has a badly recessed gumline. She has used it only for a few weeks and already it has closed in by half, she has high hopes it will completely resolve in time.

So you would think with all those personal stories I would have used it faithfully with the family all these years...the trouble is, the practial issues of storage and how to use it in a sanitary manner are all important in a big, busy family and so life can pass by and you realise you are not using it daily.

Our family have had alot of dental work in the last few weeks, it is a big wake up call to us. One child has particularly chalky teeth which need to be seen by the dentist 3 monthly from now on. So we have become faithful to the use of the clay now that we have the practical issues sorted, I will definately update again if we find that our teeth have improved with our new regime.

I just had to add one of the funniest dentists skits I know, Tim Conway (a practising Catholic BTW) is brilliant, so have a good laugh!


Betsy said...

Anne, how much clay to you use in a years time if you put it in your water and brush teeth? I am trying to decided between the 8lb or bigger size???

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Anne is there anyway of learning if clay we use is this type of clay ? I make facial clay masks out of a clay .We have huge clay deposits here at my mother's place . the aboriginals used it for pottery , baking and eating too . How would one find out if this type of clay would also be good for teeth ?
your pics are so neat and tidy lol I'm not sure my boys would keep our clay that tidy . My grandson Evan dropped his toothbrush down the drain today leaving a nice job for grampa when he returned home from work ;-)
I keep returning to your blog several times in a day as I just get to read quick little bits wish I had more time .

CP said...

That is one of my favorite sketches. I used to stay up late with my Grandmother and watch the Carol Burnette show. Oh I miss those days. My favorite movies are the old black and white ones and I grew up on a diet of Cary Grant and Doris Day. Not common for my generation but I'm glad I got to appreciate the classics and not just the garbage that's passed off as entertainment now.
I'm wondering if I might be able to find some of that Terramin Clay at Whole Foods, I'll have to check tomorrow. I'm a rough brusher which has caused my gums to recede some and I really dislike going to the dentist. I do have to have two wisdom teeth pulled March 5th (would appreciate prayers for that eeekk) but in general I'd had healthy teeth my whole life. I will definitely give this a try if I can find it locally, or order it nearby.

molly said...

I am trying it Anne, per your recommendation, I will let you you. I have extreme dental issues.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

So sorry for my delay in replying, been a very busy few days!

Betsy: 8lb will be plenty, this is just so economical, brushing the whole family's teeth with this clay and you certainly wouldn't need more than 8lb for teeth cleaning.

Roxie: I'm not sure about clay deposits, they all vary in their compositions. The composition of the terramin clay is the high silica and it's ability to restore calcium in the body. Clays are like people, they are all different!

CP: Yes, isn't it hilarious? I first saw it on EWTN last year when Raymond Arroyo was interviewing Tim Conway and we ROFL!!

Molly: Keep me updated, I hope you get very good results with the clay.

Betsy said...

Thanks for all the information and answers to questions. I just placed my order. :)

Beth said...

Hi Anne,
How are things going with the clay for helping with dental issues? I am planning to try some for my receding gumline.


Anonymous said...

I used clay to brush my teeth for two weeks and lost ALL MY ENAMEL. I didn't rinse several nights, thinking it would help, but it in fact bonded to the enamel and it is all gone! Even breathing hurts, as the dentin is completely exposed!!!!! My gumline is much more recessive now than before as well. Please be warned!!!!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Anonymous, that is a very interesting reaction, we have used the clay in the same way and not had that experience..I also know of a serious case of gum disease healed, where the person was about to lose most of their teeth if it wasn't reversed, the clay reversed that, my mother has also had great improvement..but I'm happy enough to share your thoughts for others to weigh up.