Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Confirmation at Marian Valley

Here is my eldest daughter on her confirmation day (8 Feb 2009) I have decided in future on my blog I will refer to her by her confirmation name 'Faustina'.

Faustina had decided many, many years ago that she would take this name after she was told she had been baptised on Mercy Sunday (a movable feast) the year of her birth and had loved the read outloud of the lovely book The Young Life of Saint Maria Faustina.

Here we all are. I intend to give all my children online names - finally - using their confirmation saints name or a saint connected to them in some way.

Ds 14: Francis (his confirmation saint)

Dd 11: Faustina (her confirmation saint)

Dd 9: Therese (she already knows what her confirmation saint will be!)

Ds 6: George (he LOVES Saint George so we will use that until he is confirmed)

Ds 4: Ambrose (This dear boy was born on St Ambrose's feast)

Dd 1: Anna (She was baptised on Candlemas day and Anna the prophetess is mentioned in the bible on this feastday, also I was very much praying to St Anne before, during and after her birth, clinging to her, in fact!)

These two, sweet girls are best friends. They were both delighted when they realised they were going to be confirmed together, her friend took the name Lucy.

My darling girl who is growing so quickly. A girl that mothers everyone, who is always laughing and flashing those dimples, who loves her faith...a great blessing indeed.

Therese and Anna together.

Here is the veil that Faustina used for her First Holy Communion. The headpiece had been fashioned into two hearts - Sacred and Immaculate, the materials all originally come from my wedding dress, which I blogged about here.

Faustina's dress was picked up in a second hand sale for a couple of dollars, and yet it looked so beautiful, who would ever know? (Except everyone reading of course!!!)

My mother with George. A special bond is forming between the two as mum is schooling George this year, while I school the three older children. Mum has helped me with Therese like this too, just helps me take on the new child with a little more ease by teaching them some of the first year basics.

Here is the Bishop with all the confirmation children, proudly showing their certificates. It was a beautiful Mass and ceremony.

One of the homeschooling mothers made the confirmation cake, it looked lovely!

Father who is in charge of Marian Valley, has a bit of Scottish in him (he has a lovely little Maltese dog aptly named - Angus) and he plays the bagpipes with gusto. He was the pied piper this day, with hordes of children following him in the valley after this photo.

The Bishop and the children enjoyed a rather crowded buggy ride in the valley, the kids thought it terrific!

There are two of my boys, Francis and Ambrose, enjoying the ride...the ones with the 50's crew cuts!! (my speciality!)

George enjoyed the ride as well...it was a lovely finish to a beautiful day.


Allison said...

I've said it before, but again, you have the most beautiful family. You must be so proud of them :)

Modern Catholic Mom said...

How wonderful to see the priest and bishop enjoying time with the families and truly celebrating this great day. Unfortunately around us it is an assembly line moving them in, out and the bishop is gone. So sad.

Jen said...

What a beautiful day! Many prayers to Faustina!

Lucy said...

Faustina is beautiful on her special day! I wanted to use the name Faustina on my reception/confirmation, but when the Bishop said "what name?" I was so flustered I just said "Lucy"! Do children get confirmed young in Austrailia? Here it is about 14 or 15, I think.

Ruth said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

How absolutely beautiful, Anne! Your family are truly precious, and so very blessed to have a mum like you.
Blessings to Faustina on her very special day!

Marie said...

It is so lovely to see children dressing up for Confirmation. And what a lovely family you have.

I hope you dont mind if I add you to my blog roll? Thanking you in advance:)

Peace to you

Marie PS: St. Faustina is my Patron Saint too :) God bless you all.