Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Icon and the Battle Axe

Here is the image taken when Sen. Hilary Clinton visited the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe..she wore red and immediately the words, "The Woman and the scarlet woman" came to mind...

A few weeks ago I posted my thoughts, titled Two Women about Sen. Hilary Clinton visiting the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe...on the very same day she received the highest award Planned Parenthood had to offer - The Margaret Sanger Award.

I feel sad. For Hilary Clinton, that is. I feel sad also for those those she sways by her clever PR exercise. How many Catholics who are not really informed about this lady's political history and what she was about to receive later that day, saw this as a positive visit?

Today I read an insightful response to that day, called The Icon and the Battle-Axe, written by Joseph P Duggan, please stop by and read if you have time, it is not long article. I'll quote a powerful statement from his writings:

"Imagine an American Secretary of State one morning praying at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall and the next evening accepting a eugenics award named for Dr. Josef Mengele. That is an apt analogy to the repugnant juxtaposition of gestures by Hillary Clinton during and following her brief visit to Mexico.."

What an accurate analogy, why can't the world see this obvious incongruity here?

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