Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moments of mirth staring at the face of unreason

Catholic World Report has quoted our Cardinal down under in Australia:

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has defended comments made by Pope Benedict on March 17 on AIDS and condom use.

"To blame Catholic teaching for the spread of HIV/AIDS requires proof that those following the first essential Christian requirement of living chastely within and before marriage are still dying of AIDS," writes Cardinal Pell. "Pigs will fly before that argument does."

Cardinal Pell continues: 

"Others suggest another variant of the anti-Catholic line, namely that Christians who refuse to obey Catholic teaching against adultery, fornication and homosexual intercourse will still follow Catholic teaching against the use of condoms. Truth can be stranger than fiction, but such an individual would be rare indeed."

Australia's Sun Herald has the complete interview with Cardinal Pell.

Cardinal Pell

Haven't those who abhor the Catholic Church and truth, had a field day?

So sad really, considering what they protest so loudly over is the one thing that has had a marked effect in the battle against AIDs as a Harvard Study has shown.

I think this quote from US researcher, Joseph D’Agostino points to a stark and sad reality:

“The UN's approach has failed, and its own statistics show it,” D'Agostino wrote. “HIV rates keep rising, to over 30% in some countries. Two decades of pornographic sex education and massive shipments of condoms have sent millions of young Africans to an early grave.”

Of course I reckon the American Papist and one of his readers has given me at least one reason to smile through all of this media circus.

"...so then I made a comment about condoms not being the solution, and the MSM was all like, "Whoa! The pope's Catholic! Oooooo!" - AmP Reader Jen


Casey said...

I may not be catholic, and I may use birth control but even I can see how what the Pope said makes sense.

molly said...

NIce to see the good Cardinal down under is speaking out! Good for you for promoting the truth!!!