Monday, May 25, 2009

May Crown revitalized

The very best of plans often go astray. At our house it applies doubly. We had planned a big May Day crowning on the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians 24th of May, it fell on a sunday this year, it would have been wonderful.

Trouble is I had more jaw surgery at the dentist a week and half ago and I've been slowly recovering since. It was big work this time and I knew from day one those plans were gone. Also in our part of the world the weather has been wild and wet with yards a virtual muddy stomping ground and we got off lightly compared to those whose homes and yards were completely flooded.

My very capable husband still continued the building of our Mary garden and we are almost there, some capping to do, the garden soil is almost filled and then only comes the flowers. I think I'll hold off on photos until we are complete.

We now think we ought to plan for a crowning in October, it will be our spring and it will be another month dedicated to Our Lady.

What I am sharing today is an old crown reworked for a bright and beautiful makeover. What a difference some artificial flowers and a collection of beads make! The flowers are particularly delicate and sweet. I have used a golden 'rosebud' bead in the center of each peak and then surrounded it with smaller pearl-like beads in delicate shades of pink, blue and cream. This will fit our outdoor statue of Our Lady that sits in our mary garden.

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Meredith said...

It will be beautiful!! Praying for your recovery sweet lady!