Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Musings of Mary Gardens and May Day Crownings..

We once had a beautiful Mary Garden. It was brimming with beautiful flowers, roses and in the middle, Our Lady on her column. It really was our pride and joy and nothing was too good for our heavenly mother.

We held a beautiful May Crowning a year or so after we had initially built the garden. My posting on this event was my first blog posting at Under Her Starry Mantle..one day I had no faintest intention to blog and then a Marian Fair of Loveliness was hosted and the next day it just sort of happened in order to showcase our own loveliness down under, Starry Mantle had began!

Then something awful happened. Termites got into our old railway sleepers around the edges of the garden and it had to be quickly dismantled...then we had some hard years..health etc and our dear statue has been a lonesome figure upon a mound of earth, turned to grass...

The good news, a new and more beautiful Mary Garden is in the works! I am SO EXCITED! No hints, just photos when it is all done and hopefully soon. We hope to have this garden up and running for our May Crowning we intend to host on the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians on the 24th of May...Our Lady under this title is our patroness her in Australia.

I'm busily pouring over Mary Flowers by Vincenzina Krymow and working out what flowers we would like to have in our garden this time. Hopefully keeping it very authentic to traditional Marian flowers from down through the centuries. I think I'll be ordering soon from All Rare Herbs it is going to be fun! I thought this time too, that I would buy some timber and make a little garden sign for each flower species in the garden that would look something like this:

"Mary's Purification"

Luckily (or maybe it wasn't luck?) I found the perfect piece of timber for these signs at a garage sale for a song! I think I'm going to paint them white or cream and paint the writing in blue..

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Jennifer in TX said...

I cannot wait to see your beautiful Mary Garden. We are dabbling in perennial gardening over here right now...I am hoping to move my statue of Mary to a nice spot next to my rose bush soon. :) God bless your day, Anne!