Saturday, May 30, 2009

The New Catholic Media Awards

The former Catholic Blogger Awards has now been revamped into the Catholic New Media Awards and this year it includes alongside with Catholic blogs, Catholic websites and podcasts.

I wanted to share who I know that has been nominated, hopefully you will step on over at the beginning of June and chose the ones that you love most!

Some of my favourites have been nominated numerous times in most categories, like American Papist: Not Your Average Catholic (a great favourite of mine) and What Does the Prayer Really Say? also Jennifer over at Conversion Diary: The Diary of a Former Atheist. I'll mention these great blogs now and here rather than listing them over and over again in the different categories, I certainly will be giving each one a vote in some of the categories listed.

What I really wanted to share was those the nominations of fellow Catholic mothers that I admire greatly and value their presence and friendship in the online world, they each share a beautiful bit of happiness and holiness with us all.

People's Choice Blog

Shower of Roses (Jessica's beautiful liturgical blog dedicated to St Therese of the Little Flower)
In the Heart of My Home (Elizabeth's beautiful and ever inspiring blog)

Jessica and Elizabeth have recieved many nominations throughout, which is so great to see!

Best Blog by a Woman

In the Heart of My Home
Enjoy the Journey (Yeah! Marilyn writes from the heart and shares beautiful things all year round)
Shower of Roses
A Maiden's Wreath: For Young Catholic Ladies (Clare's blog is one to pass out to young Catholic women that you know, she writes beautifully and is an extrodinary thinker, it's always a pleasure to read.)
Under Her Starry Mantle (Thank you kindly to the person who nominated me in this category)

Best Group Blog

(A hard choice here! Two great blogs, one dedicated to liturgical foods for Catholic feastdays all year round and the other dedicated to the preparation and celebration of Advent - so wonderful to see them being nominated!)

Catholic Cuisine
O Night Divine

Best Written Blog

Sierra Highlands (Willa is one of the most incredible blog writers I know, this is a very worthy nomination in particular.)
Shower of Roses
A Maiden's Wreath: For Young Catholic Ladies
In the Heart of My Home

Most Spiritual Blog

In the Heart of My Home
Shower of Roses

Most Informative Blog

and sometimes tea (Red's blog is very prolific and informative, no doubts about that!)
Starry Sky Ranch (Kym is one of my favourite reads, I never tire of being inspired and informed on so many important topics, from homeschooling, mothering, keeping house and home and so much more.)
Shower of Roses

Funniest Blog

Tales from the Bonny Blue House (Mary Ellen, great to see your lovely blog in this category!)

Most Entertaining Blog

Shower of Roses

Best New Blog

Cherished Hearts at Home (Gae is a Catholic homeschooling mum in Australia and her blog is only very new but she is tremendously inspiring, I hope more will pop over and visit Gae regularly, you won't be disappointed!)

Best Overall Catholic Website

Faith Filled Days (Erin you up against BIG nominees including EWTN!! But I'm so glad to see you here, your site offers so much to Catholic mothers everywhere by compiling so many wonderful contributors offering Catholic craft ideas, liturgical activities, celebrating feast days. Everything is in calendar order to make life easier when it comes to planning a rich life of Catholic living in the home with our children, many thanks to you Erin. I hope you receive many nominations!)


Gae said...

Oh Anne,
You are such a lovely and generous woman.

A Voice in the Crowd said...


I came to you blog by searching the Catholic Media Awards.

Your blog is gorgeous, and such beautiful content. I don't know where a home schooling mom of 6 finds the time to do any blogging, not to mention high quality blogging.

I never heard the Our Lady of the Pillar story. Can't wait to share that with others.

Keep up the great work! God Bless!

Kim @ Starry Sky Ranch said...

I am completely taken aback. I had no idea. Thank you for both letting us know and for your kind words. I am so glad your wonderful blog is being recognized.

Willa said...

Oh Anne, thank you! What a great list to be part of. Your blog so totally deserves a nomination; I am so glad to see it on that list.