Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beading moments...

I've had a few more beading moments in the last week. Working with some new solid bronze medals for the first time and some more familiar solid bronze pieces. I think it is obvious that I do favour the solid, golden bronze over the sterling silver.. For closer detail, click the photos open.

This South American medal is gorgeous, to me it has a richness to it. I think of my crazy lace agate gemstones immediately and then I can't decide whether pinks or blues are best considering it is a medal in honour of both Hearts...pink one the day!
What was new for me was mixing the pinks with Copper swarovski crystals, something in that particular crystal compliments pink and I've used small small Sand Opal crystals as well, a new mix of colours for me.

My first Our Lady of Guadalupe Chaplet, I chose the Mookaite gemstones inspired by this set of rosary beads from Meinssen Handmade Rosaries. Isn't that a fabulous pair of rosary beads?! I wish I had photographed this chaplet in the glorious sunlight the mookaite rosary beads were photographed in.

This lovely lampwork focal bead, acts as a rosary center, just ties in the colours from the mookaite beads to the theme of guadalupe roses. This would be a lovely focal bead in a St Therese chaplet as well.
Haven't made tenners for a while...nice to be making them again.

Here is a photo that does justice to the beauty of the green gemstone. The Pater bead is made from carved stone.

Here are all the religious pieces used, 12 Cherubs crucifix, always a great choice for men or women. A small miraculous medal and a lovely cut-out Infant of Prague medal.

I never tire of the Pacific Opal swarovski crystals in this miraculous medal necklace, rosary centers make the best pieces for necklaces!

I've been holding onto this Our Lady of Mt Carmel medal for so long, wondering what I'd do with it. It is a lovely, big medal. So I decided finally to make a tenner, "Roses of Mt Carmel".

Here is a close up of the beads, an oval, pink crazy lace agate gemstone sided by Fushia and Rose Satin swarovski crystals. The Ave beads are beautiful czech fire-polished rosebud beads, pink/lavender in colour, lightly tipped in gold. There is a small, round Golden Shadow swarovski crystal between each Ave bead..

What beautiful pieces. The crucifix has a star behind Our Lord's head and each end of the crucifix has a budded lily. The Our Lady of Mt Carmel medal is surrounded by leaves and little forget-me-nots.


Leanne said...

Anne I just love your work so much, there is so much passion in your work. Every time I wear my rosary jewellry I get comments. I almost need business cards to direct them to you. Leanne

Jennifer in TX said...

Your beadwork is just lovely. I especially like your medals; they are so beautiful and unique.

Ruth said...

Simply amazing, Anne!

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Anne I love it ! I know this must be your spiritual time and very prayerful time when you are beading . They just glow .It is like the Holy Spirit shining through your work . Just so very moving . Thank You Anne .