Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mt Carmel Medal and Fashion

Yesterday I mention how this beautiful, marian medal in solid bronze arrived. I thought that it would be a very feminine, religious accessory to wear throughout winter (which has just begun down under) I hope to have the medal blessed soon.

It would also be lovely to wear on a summer outfit as my Faustina shows in the photo above.

I have decided that with the beginning of winter I will not be buying any new winter clothes. I have favourites and I usually wear them to death. The black skirt in all the photos is a beautiful, georgette maternity skirt, I can wear it if I am heavily pregnant or down to size 10. I have worn it for 9 years now.

I have bought a few accessories this year on sale to give a new look to all my old tops. This long sleeved brown top I have worn for 6 years now. What is new is the beret and a lovely burgandy scarf (see a close up of it in the first photo above.)

The shirt I am wearing in this photo is my 'angels shirt' lovely soft material with medieval images of cherubs all through the pattern with soft, scripted lettering. I bought this 15 years ago to wear to a wedding when I was 3 months pregnant with my oldest child. What is new is the woolen scarf/throw, it looks lovely with the Mt Carmel medal holding it together.

What's new? The black, woollen scarf. It is fairly long so I can wrap it around my neck comfortably. As it gets a little colder, I will where a long sleeved, black thermal singlet that was beautiful lace work around the neck and usually peaks above the V neckline of the 'angels' shirt.

Here is another short, fluffy scarf I bought on sale, it is designed to thread one end through the other but I've just attached the Mt Carmel medal over it.

For when it is really cold or we go down south, I can wear with all of these outfits a warm, woolen coat my mother bought me a few years back. I think I'm ready for winter!

I've been mulling over fashion, modesty, femininity recently.

A dear friend of mine in Sydney recently hosted a 'Belle La Femme' night. A night of femininity, fashion and fare. It started with a wonderful talk on "The Authentic Catholic Woman" ~ the importance of modesty in fashion. They had a fashion parade, supper, raffles and a selection of accessories, jewellery (I had my jewellery pieces down there) and Catholic books for women to purchase on the night. I would have LOVED to have been there.

So I've been thinking especially of my friend in Sydney while I've been mixing my outfits. This dear lady is a fabulous example to me. She is so feminine in beautiful, modest clothing and matching accessories. She makes many clothes herself, I am amazed by her talent and passion, all on a budget, without costing the world.


Marie said...

Beautiful! It really finishes every outfit. Where do you buy your medals?

Anne (aussieannie) said...

I go through a company that supplies medals to businesses only, it is not open to the public. Rosary Workshop is only site open to the public that sells this medal and many others.


Ruth said...

Absolutely beautiful, Anne. I love that medal. You look stunning!

Marie said...

Thank you! :)

Gae said...

You look beautiful Anne, your fasion sense is lovely
God Bless

Lillian said...

I love how you accessorize with your medal. I never would have thought to do that!! And you are simply beautiful!!!