Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"'The Rosary" continues to inspire

This rosary continues to inspire me! I've had mookalite gemstones in my kitty for a while and not felt that much passion for it until I saw 'the rosary'. I recently tracked down the beautiful, carved, rose mookalite beads and I was away!

This rosary will be a special gift has been commissioned and will be given as a gift from one person I know to another...I've used a spectacular St George rosary center. It's actually very feminine! I wired on a lovely miraculous medal and have used a lovely crucifix that matches in well.

Music and beads go well together, don't you think? It's all a beauty..

I have to say, that it can be VERY HARD to part from creations sometimes!!!

Here is my creation based on 'the rosary' it is Guadalupe inspired and I have used a Caravaca Crucifix and here is some background information on this crucifix I found on Alice's site:

"This amazing Caravaca crucifix is recast from a 19th century, Spanish antique. The story is,
that while the Moors were attacking Catholic Spain in the 14th century, they captured a priest in the town of Caravaca and commanded him to say a Mass, with the intention of mocking him. He asked his captors for the necessary supplies and was given everything except the crucifix. Without the crucifix, he could not celebrate Holy Mass. Moments before the good priest was to be executed for disobeying the Moors, two angels came through an open window reverently carrying a cross between them and the Moorish leader was converted then and there."

So I chose the Caravaca crucifix because of it's Spanish influence, ties in nicely with the Guadalupe rosary center.

The colours really move me! They're lovely and vibrant and alive!!

Music and beads again...I love it.

I've really gone to town with this rosary. I've used a bigger Ave bead - 8mm, which is a first, I usually only use 6mm beads. So the Ave beads are tenner sized. I've placed a 4mm round swarovski crystal in between each bead and the colours vary there as often do the gemstones!

St Therese Chaplet..using 6mm mookalite gemstones and a beautiful lampwork,roses focal bead for the one Pater bead.

Have a look at this beautiful cross/medal dedicated to St Therese. It has a rose on the two sides of the crucifix, a cherub at the top and a Carmelite image at the bottom. Around St Therese's image which is pictured within a shield, are the words, "St Therese of the Child Jesus."
On the back of the crucifix there is a rose in each crucifix corner. In the center, inside the shield is a carmelite image with the words, "I will spend will spend my heaven doing good upon earth."
I hope to find a good home for this chaplet...


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful God given artistic talents. You are truly blessed.

Julia said...

OH MY GOSH! First, the Rosary is beautiful! Secondly....would you share with me where you got the St. Therese medal? I am a Secular Carmelite and I would love to get some! JUST gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us!


Meredith said...

Anne, it's just incredible!! So beatuiful, thanks for showing this wonderful inspiration :)

Ruth said...

Your Rosaries are so beautiful, Anne! You have an amazing gift. said...

Oh, Anne...they are absolutely gorgeous! Hoping I'll soon need another gift :-)

Dessi said...

hi, i love all of of my favorites i saw was Our Lady of Perpetual help!!!

Theresa said...


Sarah said...

Your rosaries are absolutely gorgeous. I really like the colors of the beads, and the various medals (St. George center, Caravaca Crucifix, other Ave beads, St. Therese medal) are so beautiful. I am in awe! Thank you for sharing your creations! So inspiring!

Pablo said...

Dear Madam,


Please pray for someone at Tepeyac Hill who is suffering.

May God bless you for your prayers.

May God our Lord in his infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us his abundant grace, that we may know his most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.

Santa MarĂ­a de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.