Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Father's Anniversary

I did this portrait of Mum and Dad from a photo taken at their engagement. It was finished a few days before his death and so he got to see it completed, it was his gift to mum whose birthday was only a fortnight away at the time...

This morning is the 9th anniversary of my father's passing, 7th July 2000 5.10am. As I go off to Mass to remember his soul, I wanted to link back to a posting I wrote about him 2 years ago. He was an extraordinary man and a blessed father, John Williams.

Our family, Dad, his mother Nana, Mum and myself and my sister Carmen.

My most treasured childhood photo and memory, I think the photo says it all.....


Julia said...

Anne, what a gift you have! Just a gorgeous portrait! And may God Bless and comfort you as I'm sure you miss your father terribly. I said an Our Father for him today.

God Bless,

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Thank you Julia and God bless you!

Maryan said...

Prayers for your Dad's soul Anne! What a beautiful portrait to have in remembrance. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,

That portrait sure is something to treasure! Saying a prayer to Saint Joseph in thanksgiving for the precious gifts your father gave you.

God Bless,

father_and_son_of_Ynte said...

Anne, Your dad must love you dearly and be proud of his beautiful, creative daughter who remembers him always.