Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Feast of the Assumption

Yesterday was the beautiful feast of the Assumption. It was a sad, reflective day for me, thinking of Mary Ellen and the family. In that sorrow we joined together as a family and treasured a beautiful meal around the table that evening as a family, appreciating from the bottom of our hearts, the presence of each other.

The meal itself was delicious. I made a lamb casserole with 'assumption clouds' of mashed potato. Then for sweets I was greatly inspired by Jessica's Blueberry and Strawberry Cobbler, over at Catholic Cuisine, which we served with 'clouds' of whipped cream!

I highly recommend the cobbler recipe, just fanastic! It was so good, that I made a second one for a baptism today and it was very popular!

I had bought some beautiful mini, oval ceramic bowls that are light blue on the outside, perfect for serving up casseroles or yummy cobblers on Marian feast days.
I hope your Assumption feast day was a blessed one with family as well, God Bless you all!


Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

I'm sorry that it was a sorrowful day for you. Mine was sorrowful for other reasons.

God bless you!

Gae said...

Dear Anne,
I also was devestated at the news of Mary Ellen's tragic loss and have been dwelling on my own blessings.

The presentation of your meal looks lovely and that statue is so beautiful.

Any chance you can remember where you got it.
God Bless

rox said...

just beautiful Anne . The statue is so beautiful and comforting .
Thank You