Friday, August 14, 2009

Prayers needed for those at the Bonny Blue House

Over at 4Real a prayer request has just come in for Mary Ellen's boy Ryan, please pray for this boy's quick and safe return! :

"Mary Ellen Barrett's son, Ryan left for a father/son camping trip on Thurs.. morning. At this time he has not been seen since 5:00 Thursday night.

Mary Ellen is imploring all of us for prayers. She has been driven up to the campsite with a friend and so far there is no news.

Please, pray for protection, safety, and a speedy return of Ryan to all of us who love him. Updates are sporadic, but I will post when there is news. Thank you for all your love and prayers for Mary Ellen and Dave and Ryan. "
Please lift Mary Ellen up in prayer, her fear must be great. Ask Our Lady to place her mantle over Ryan, protect him from all danger and bring him home safely to his family that love him.

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