Friday, September 25, 2009

The Pictorial History of the Catholic Church in Australia - Volume Two - Part One

It is very hard to find any suitable resource of Australian Catholic history for children. So this 3 volume set that I have (a photocopy from the original that is now out of print) is a treasure indeed! The homeschooling mother who has supplied this photocopied version to other mothers at cost only, was given permission to do this as long as no money was being made from it.

I painstakingly scanned my three volumes a few years back thinking I could use pages and images for designing a notebook or project material for my children.

My dear friend Marilyn is studying Australia with her children at present and had asked what was there in regards to religion and Australia. So I thought that this is a resource worth sharing here so that Catholic mothers everywhere can share and enjoy these books as much as I have with my children. We use to read 6 pages every week and at the end of those 6 pages, my children would beg for me to go on! I found also that they retained alot of information from them and that they loved the cartoon images. It also contains an Australian Catholic timeline and a back section of detailed notes for many of the pages.

There are 3 volumes as I mentioned, Volume One covers history from 1787 to 1835. Volume Two is from 1835 to 1886. Volume Three separates into sections covering individual States.

Volume Two starts today, will be uploaded in 6 parts.

You can click open each and every page below and print or read at an even larger size.


Marilyn said...

Thanks Anne - wonderful timing! We are getting ready to finish up Australia. I forgot to link this on my detailed weekly schedules though we have been reading with interest.

Nadja Magdalena said...

Thank you, Anne! This is a wonderful resource. I've downloaded parts 1-4 of volume one this morning, and I saw a part 6, but couldn't locate part 5...

Between you and Marilyn, studying Australia has hardly been any work at all for me!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Nadja, here is the link to Vol 1, Part 5:

God Bless! Anne

Julia said...

Good to see you back!