Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miraculous Medal Prayer Petition Mobile ~ Made Easier

One of our most practical and blessed, liturgical crafts has been our miraculous medal prayer petition mobile. It can be a blessing for mothers whose brains are flagging and full of so many other things in the course of a busy day and for the children also, who really connect to the 'visible & tangible' when praying for others.

The miraculous medal prayer is so simple for families ~

"Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."

The mobile is there to remind us to recite that prayer often throughout the day and also for the children to see the individual prayers pinned up onto the mobile, a reminder for the times we forget what we are praying for and a beautiful visual for the children.

At the time of the making, it was made very fancy and durable. The durable I recommend, the mobile looks like the day it was made which is what you need, use wood and you won't regret it. The fancy can put some people off, 'can I do this, do I have the time?' is what can come to mind. I feel that instead of using fabric for Our Lady and felt for the back, coloured in pictures of the front and back can look just as beautiful.

If you decide to colour in the pictures (which I have put further down in this posting) you can make it even more attactive, depending on time and resources by doing the following:

~ laminate the images once coloured in.
~ use glue on/stick on stars
~ maybe some gold foil stuck around the crown or some little beads?
~ the use of beads/foiled or decorative paper to highlight sections of the hearts
~ still use beads for the ends of Our Lady's fingers
~ use some sort of stick-on alphabet images instead of painting on the words around the edges

You will still need to buy a little material that will come from Our Lady's hands, where you stick the prayer petitions, anything that is sheer and shiny will help create the look of streams of graces and blessings.

So here are my previous posting on the creation of our mobile:



The making of the mobile I broke into a two part series, here is Part One.


Here is Part Two.

Here is my posting with the finished mobile hung and showcased for the first time.

Here is the first of my practicalities postings - how do you make putting up those prayer petitions, easy and doable?

Part of praying the miraculous medal prayer daily is the wearing of the miraculous medal itself. This is not easy with rough and tumble children. They all wear scapulars but medals fall off, so this is what I did in my second practicalities posting.
Now below is the images I drew for the front and back of the miraculous medal mobile, feel free to use and pass this free resource onto others. (Click on the images to enlarge and print.)

For the front of the mobile.

For the back of the mobile.

I'd like to add as well, a link to Jenn Miller's posting over at Family in Feast and Feria, she shares a link to free online images to the front and back of the medal, you may prefer to use them!

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful, especially for those who would like to do this craft for the up-and-coming feast day (November 27th) and need planning time in advance.


Marie said...

I am so thankful for your tip (and photos!) showing how to tuck medals inside of scapulars.

My children are still too small to wear one, but I have medals dear to my husband and I sewn into our own. It is such a wonderful and practical tip.

I also put two halves of a mizpah coin into each of ours just as a special thing between us.

Thanks again for your wonderful 'how-to' tutorials. I enjoy them all.

Gloria said...

Guess what I got. And on a Tuesday! I didn't expect it to come any other day of course, especially since St. Anthony was guiding it too:) Thank you, it is so beautiful, and the medal is so delicate, your work is truely conductive to a prayerful spirit. My first chaplet will be for your sister's dream of being a mother.
God Bless you and yours

Anne (aussieannie) said...

It came on a Tuesday??? I tell you, there's a Tuesday thing going on with St Anne packages to-ing and fro-ing the continents! (thinking of Marilyn's package now)

I cannot thank you enough for offering your first chaplet for my sister, her cross is heavier than ever.

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing this! It's wonderful! And I really like your idea of making a little pouch for the Miraculous Medal in the back of the scapular! We make our own and they often get worn out too quickly by the rubbing of the medals hung on the outside.

May God bless you!

Anna said...