Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent Wreath 2009

Here is our advent wreath this year...a few little changes from the orginal creation. Here is my tutorial on making one.

We have removed the stand that usually holds a pillar candle because I decided on a Queen B Christmas Tree candle this year, made from 100% beeswax. I have ordered a little wax Christ Child and we are patiently awaiting it's arrival and will carve a small section of the tree away to fit the Christ Child into.

I decided to use last year's candles, saving a bit of money, which I then put into buying the new Christ Candle and wax Christ Child. I dressed the old candles up with some ribbon I had so that the old candle drips weren't as noticable.

I have really enjoyed Jenn's thoughts from Family in Feast and Feria, on Salvation History with the Advent Wreath. So I wanted to add images of the people connected to each candle ~ last year I had written their names with a gold glitter pen on the candles ~ this year I've done this:

Isaiah for the first advent sunday. I blogged about our meal we had for this sunday and how we also tied it into the placement of the angel in our crib.

St John the Baptist is for today, the second sunday of advent. We plan to cook a shepherd's pie and I've decided on a carob cake. (Carob is known as St John the Baptist's Bread.) We will also place our shepherds and sheep into the crib tonight.

The third sunday of advent, guadete sunday ~ will be the week for St Joseph.

The fourth sunday of advent is Our Lady and I have used a lovely image of her under the title of The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (feast day is the 18th of December)

Here is the wreath again with our special marian cover over the Christ Candle.


Nadja Magdalena said...

Wonderful...I especially love the idea of having images of those associated with the four Sundays.

Cheryl said...

I'm quoting my 7 yr.old son "way cool!" This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us your God given talents!!!


Jessica said...

Your Advent Wreath turned out so beautiful Anne!

Meredith said...

I love the images too and have thought of adding them to ours as well, all I needed was some inspiration :))) God Bless you in the time of waiting. Much Love,

Cindy said...

Beautiful Advent wreath.

rox said...

Oh Anne that is so pretty ! I did not think you have cones in Australia lol
Most of all I love your picture of Momma Mary expecting . very beautiful .

Sarah said...

What a beautiful Advent wreath! I have to go back and read how you made it originally. I like the images, too, and the Christ candle in the middle with the Marian cover. I had never heard of a Marian candle with a cover for Christmas-time until this year. I think it's a lovely tradition.