Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New gallery of beading creations coming soon....

Click open photo to see a larger image.

I will be releasing a new gallery of rosaries, tenners, jewellery and a chaplet very soon, this photo is a little preview! There should be a lovely mix of the following:

Two men's rosary beads.
Four ladies rosary beads. (the one above is a St Anne rosary)
Five bronze necklace and earring sets.
Three sterling silver necklace and earring sets.
Two sterling silver ladies tenners.
Two bronze ladies tenners. (though one could be used by a man as well)
One St Anne chaplet.

This time I will have a St Anne rosary, chaplet and jewellery using a beautiful, newly released St Anne rosary center and medal. (see above for close up)

St Anne Chaplet

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